An Appalling Vista


Living in Cork?

Anyone else hearing the Windows 7 startup sound every night in the city?

At exactly 12.01am every night, the Windows 7 startup sound is ringing out across the city.

Have a listen out your window tonight you’ll hear it. People have heard it from Frankfield to Blackrock….


Corkonians Being Kept Up At Night By Windows Start Sound (Spin)


This morning.

On Cork’s 98FM.

PJ Coogan spoke to callers about what could be the cause of the Windows 7 Bootup Sound.

Listen here

13 thoughts on “An Appalling Vista

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Anyone in D7 ever heard the mega-loud Ice Cream chime that rings out at random times day/night, rain/hail, summer/winter?

  2. :-Joe

    Ze microsoft corpo announced they were discontinuing support for windows 7 soon so, basically no more security updates and patches… not that it was ever all that secure in the first place.

    I wonder is this some kind of last cry from a Cork windows 7 user or users who are lamenting the past and don’t want to switch to windows 8 or 10 which is a privacy and personal data security nightmare.

    Switch to Linux ?

    Linux Ubuntu


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