Gawain Out Of That


This morning.

Liberty Hall, Dublin 1

The queue for the casting of extras for The Green Knight, directed by David Lowery…’an Irish/American Co-production.Based upon the classic 14th Century poem, The Green Knight tells the tale of Sir Gawain, a young Knight who embarks upon a quest to confront the titular Green Knight’.


Film Extras Casting Open Day – “The Green Knight” (JobAlert)

Pics via Herber Rowan

23 thoughts on “Gawain Out Of That

  1. scundered

    Your first day on a film set is the most exciting day of your life, however the second day is the most boring… and that increases with each subsequent day

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    Ah here. James Connolly must be turning in his grave. Go and try to be a film star somewhere else. Like Finglas.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        I meant some suburb of Dublin, yes.
        That’s where dreams are big and extras without jobs plentiful.
        Liberty Hall was all about industrial workers and their rights and conditions.
        Not wannabe movie stars.

  3. AndrewSB49

    It is a sign Solomon settled on some while back,
    in token of truth, by the title that it has,
    for it is a figure that has five points,
    and each line overlaps and locks with another,
    and everywhere it is endless, and English call it
    over all the land, as I here, the Endless Knot.

  4. Shane Duffy

    And still the Gaiety School of Acting, The Lir et al, still sell pipe dreams to kids of a career in an industry that doesn’t exist, churning dozens out every year on top of the last graduates, and the ones before them and them etc, etc.

  5. Marbe

    It might be because Irish Actors Equity have their offices in Liberty Hall that the auditions/casting would be held there.

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