This morning.

Mill Street, Dublin 3

Darryl McNally, Master Distiller, The Dublin Liberties Distillery and Tánaiste Simon Coveney at the opening of The Dublin Liberties Distillery, a new €10m state-of-the-art whiskey distillery and visitor experience in Dublin’s Liberties where more than 20 new jobs have been created.

*swings punch*


The Dublin Liberties Distillery

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

19 thoughts on “Me Aul Flower

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    More booze tourism.

    Thought Simple Simon was over in Brussels for the few days at least at ‘key Brexit negotiations’?

      1. Ian-O

        They get the GNS (grain neutral spirit which is aged to create whiskey) from the likes of Bushmills, Tullamore Dew or most likely, Midleton distillery and use that – although I would imagine they bought it some time ago to allow the aging to complete, all three will sell you the spirit and the barrels and the warehousing space. There is a fair bit of (non cartel like I might add) cooperation between the Whiskey producers at present to get them on par with Scotch and they play fair as best I can tell.

        1. Papi

          That is more relevant and useful information than I’ve heard in a long time. Admittedly, I like a drink or two, so I’m not to be trusted in that regard.

        2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          Have you seen the new Five Farms “Not-Baileys” drink? It’s made from the finest single malt (am I talking this up too much? not actually sure of that) and the cream of five farms around west Cork? It’s in a very fancy kind of milk-churn shaped bottle.

        1. Ian-O

          All I will say, based on my own years of whiskey appreciation, is that for a price to quality ratio, there are few whiskies better than your standard 12 year old Red Breast. You will get better of course, but you will be hard pressed to find it anywhere even approaching its price.

          Similar for Mitchell’s Yellow Spot, an amazing sup and the price is probably set too far low….and no, I don’t work for any whiskey distillers!

    1. Rep

      What a bizarre sneer. Are we looking down at new distilleries opening now? Is anything alcohol related a bad thing? Is Coveney not allowed to do anything else associated with her portfolio other then Brexit? He is the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade after all.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        I wasn’t sneering.
        Just that Guinness and Jameson already have a big share of the tourist market in Dublin.

        Plus I was surprised that Coveney is back so soon as the news report I read indicated a week of EU/UK Brexit negotiations. Perhaps that was an exaggeration. Just thought he’d be busier, is all.

  2. Cú Chulainn

    More importantly BS. After the latest 3 resignations from the Tory party, am I right in thinking that if SF were to enter Her Madge’s HoP they could force a general election and a hold on Brexit..

  3. Paulus

    Was ever a phrase more abused and over used than State-of-the-Art:
    Often used by politicians and journalists to refer to a roomful of stuff who’s name and purpose they haven’t a clue about other than being told it’s State-of-the-Art.

  4. Amy

    Also not a sneer but this distillery is owned by a branding group, not the real deal at all like Teelings next door. Just another exercise to get tourists to celebrate the Irish & Alcohol relationship. All very meh.

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