26 thoughts on “Cat Ladders

  1. Emily Dickinson

    Yo, Broadsheet, this is intended as a constructive comment. There were three or four strong posts this morning looking at the collapse of that gangland murder trial, discussing public sector pay levels and covering the DOB libel trial etc. It’s a pity that by mid-afternoon what strikes me as worthwhile content has been essentially buried under an avalanche of Swiss cat photos. I have no issue with what you choose to publish but wish you would consider switching to a layout that isn’t just a conveyor belt that treats every post as being equal. Besides, a cat using a ladder is just plain lazy and shouldn’t be encouraged.

    1. Junkface

      I for one am sick of looking at DOB’s big ham head everyday and the gigantic lines of text that follows it.
      Cats need ladders if they live with their owners above the ground floor see? Why do humans have stairs? Also, boo!

    2. Tony

      Emily, by belittling what is good about Broadsheet you have demonstrably failed to understand what is good about Broadsheet!. May god have mercy on you

    3. scottser

      emily, if you can’t see the connection between DOB, public sector pay and cat ladders, then maybe the journal is the place for you.
      but you are correct, cat ladders should be burned.

  2. K8 Bush

    I understand dogs, to a certain extent.
    I don’t understand cats at all.
    Fish confuse me.

    Why do people keep pets?

    1. Starina

      My cats give me a whole lot of love without the bother of barking and thrice-daily walkies. Being responsible for them has gotten me through some real bad times. Also they’re funny as heck. You ever see cats prank each other? Tiny, hilarious morons.

      1. Junkface

        They are daft animals. I used to have a dog that was really silly, but the cat is almost as nuts.

    2. anne

      Originally to help us with their more sharp senses, in the cave or hut or wherever & snuggles for warmth.

      These days, there’s no real benefit except they’re less of a pain in the backside than people & they’re snuggly & loyal.. I’ve read actually that there must be some subconscious familiarity humans have with rubbing fur. Then that doesn’t really explain goldfish.

      1. A Nun

        Oh yeah, good point.., I’d forgotten about the time we lived in caves. That was ages ago.

        What about nowadays, when most of us live in houses? (Not ALL of us!)

  3. SOQ

    Yes that is all very nice but what happens when Ms Innocent decides to invite a few friends round and a fight breaks out? I have that t shirt, due to leaving a window open in the summer so she, and only she, could come and go.

    Wouldn’t have been so bad if the disturbance was contained to the sitting room but three cats having a domestic in and around my bed is not an experience I wish to repeat. Well that and when she arrived in with a live mouse then lost it under the duvet.

  4. Pee Pee

    if you installed these for your cat, they would probably use the lift instead, such is the pickiness of the cat

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