Outside the GPO, O’Connell Street, Dublin last Monday

This afternoon.

Homeless figures for January have been released….

The figure of 9,987 marks a rise of 234 people nationally when compared with the last month of 2018.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy has described the situation as “very disappointing”.

The Department of Housing report shows there were 6,363 adults requiring a bed in January and 3,624 children/dependants. When added together the figure is just 13 shy of the 10,000 landmark…

Homeless figures heading for 10,000 people in emergency accommodation (Indpendent.ie)


Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony said:

“It is disappointing to see the figures rise again and to see that there are almost 10,000 people experiencing homelessness and living in emergency accommodation. The rise in both adults and children is disappointing given that last month’s figures showed a decrease in the numbers.

The numbers suggest we need to do more in our efforts to stop individuals and families entering emergency accommodation. That requires input and action from all agencies and departments and we must ensure we are doing everything in our power to bring the numbers down.”


18 thoughts on “9,987

  1. millie st murderlark


    New buzz word or are there just no other words to describe how bad they are at this??

    1. realPolithicks

      Every time they release this report I picture the mad scramble they engage in to keep the “numbers’ below 10,000.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    And that’s not including Yoghan’s doctored removals from the lists.

    Conveniently kept below the 10000
    By ‘lucky for some’ 13

    1. eoin

      “After her speech at a Safe Ireland conference in Dublin’s Mansion House yesterday, Ms Zappone said that if the women who had fled violence and were turned away from refuges were included in the statistics, it could tip the total number of homeless people over 10,000.

      “Which is a political issue,” Ms Zappone added. “I’m going to put aside the political issue, OK? Of course, they’re homeless.””


      1. Giggidygoo

        Zappone has an extra long fence to sit on. A waste of space, full of waffle. Another one with full confidence in this government.

        1. SOQ

          Problem is, FG are gay friendly which is a better optic than either FF or SF.

          FF are still looking around a gay who will keep his (def he) mouth relatively shut and SF decided a language very few speak is far more important?

  3. diddy

    spare a thought for the middle class who are increasingly locked out of buying and even renting something with their wage packet…

    spare another thought for our Latin guests who are invited into this housing scrum to scrub our pots and collect our beer glasses then asked to pay €500 a month for a bunk in a slumb run by a greedy redneck who is answerable to no one

    spare a thought for the young pregnant couple doing the most natural thing in the world and bring disenfranchised by a system that dies nothing to aid traditional family formation.

    the jobs are in dublin. what’s the point in working for this housing situation?

  4. time please

    these individuals at the very sharp end be they 9999 or 10000 very much need our assistance but might I say for a bit of balance the 99999 or 100000 or 200000 or 300000 of working couples that are the engine of this country also need to be housed. fine Gael and fianna fail have forgotten about the hundreds of thousands of working people who keep this show on the road but are caught by barely being able to rent (My rent in Dublin 14 is €2600 a month) but not able to buy because lending criteria is frankly sh1te and the unwillingness from government to solve a crisis 30 years in the making.
    isn’t it time for a change?

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