Hollywood Babylon


This afternoon.

Near Hollywood village, County Wicklow.

Eamonn writes;

Fire engulfes dry gorse in the West Wicklow Mountains, just beyond Hollywood Village. Since the start of the week fire services and the Defence Forces have been fighting fires in the Wicklow and Dublin Mountains which have been out of control and according to reports at one stage threatened Hollywood Village.

Today is the last day farmers are allowed to burn vegation on their lands and according to the emergency services most of the recent fires have been as a result of delibarate burning which got out of control.

That’s showbiz.

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

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8 thoughts on “Hollywood Babylon

  1. The Lorax

    What an out-dated practice that is surely? Destroying biodiversity, releasing carbon and causing air pollution? Yes, I live in the city. I am not a farmer.

    1. Niallo

      You do t have to live in the sticks to be right.
      Another thing that seriously grinds me gears is this business of mechanical hedge trimmers shaving all the hedgerows away to nothing every year, prevents any trees from coming or any native bushes like hawthorn, which is in serious decline, no trees, no birds nests, no birds nest, no birds or much of anything else for that matter :(
      Love to see those machines outlawed, see how quick mr farmer would be out with an old fashioned alash hook to coppixe his hedges, not too fast i think.

  2. paul

    deliberate burnings may be out but ‘accidental’ burnings will now increase.

    “Ah shure it was dem kids smoking their pot-bongs.”

  3. Iwerzon

    Burnin’ Whins was a past-time when I was a kid. The hills would be glowing on St John’s Eve. Shockin destruction all the same.

  4. Murtles

    Poor farmers shure they no no better, if ya can’t turn it, burn it. And Mary has the pot of shpuds on for them when they get home because it’s the last day of the month too, wellies off, new socks on, it’s ridin’ night.

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