6 thoughts on “Seoul Patches

    1. Starina

      Life is rough, Frills. People have dealt with it in different ways.

      I love love love these tats, the only issue is I’ve heard that tattoos with no black lines are more apt to run over time.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Ah I know Star

        And those tats do
        Show the owner is on a sunnier path now

        Years ago
        On the old BBC Clothes Show
        (With Selena and Jeff)

        They did a thing about Tattoos
        And they were interviewing older ladies
        Like my Nanna’s age at the time older
        With Tattoos – but more in the old navy/ merchant sailors type
        And all of them were over nasty industrial factory accident type scars

        As to the black outline thing
        ‘wouldn’t have a clue girl
        I don’t have any meself

      2. millie st murderlark

        A friend of mine did precisely that to cover up some old scars. It’s awesome.

        She said, with a very firm and prohibitive fear of needles.

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