Chelsea Jailed



Chelsea Manning

Associated Press reports:

Former Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning has been jailed for refusing to testify to a grand jury investigating Wikileaks.

U.S. District Judge Claude Hilton ordered Manning to jail Friday after a brief hearing in which Manning confirmed she has no intention of testifying. She told the judge she “will accept whatever you bring upon me.”

Manning has said she objects to the secrecy of the grand jury process, and that she already revealed everything she knows at her court martial.

Chelsea Manning jailed for refusing to testify on Wikileaks (AP)

Pic: AP

59 thoughts on “Chelsea Jailed

      1. Nigel

        No. It’s disparaging at worse. Saying Manning is going back to prison, after spending years in solitary confinement on suicide watch, purely for attention, is callous.

          1. jusayinlike

            Barry Sotero tortures and imprisons whistle blowers and you cry waycism.

            try harder slackjaw

          2. jusayinlike

            Barry Sotero promised to be transparent and not lock up whistle blowers.

            Barry Sotero promised to shut gitmo.

            Barry Sotero callously ran an illegal torture program in gitmo.

            Barry Sotero callously imprisoned and tortured Chelsea Manning in gitmo.

            Assange blew the whistle and you called him a nut.

            I pointed it out and cry waycist.

            Apathy. This is why you have Trump.

            Try harder

          3. Nigel

            You complete joke. It wasn’t me that called him a nut. It was the charmer you plus-oned below.

          4. Nigel

            Who is also the same guy who said Manning is an attention seeker. You running to show support and approval of the nearest utter bastard just to pwn the libs is classic, and THAT’S the dynamic that helped give us Trump.

          5. jusayinlike

            Barry Sotero was not liberal, he had a kill list and ran an illegal torture program, how is that liberal you joke.

            Voter shaming and finger pointing perfectly sums up the democrats. They offer nothing and that’s why people didn’t show up to vote.

            That’s why you have Trump

          6. Nigel

            Haha that’s liberal in US mainstream politics you mooncalf. They offered pretty much everything Trump isn’t but you preferred Trmp.

          7. jusayinlike

            Like I said, voter shaming instead of facing up to the reality that the dems got owned by an orange faced game show host. It’s everyone else’s fault as always.

          8. realPolithicks

            “Voter shaming and finger pointing perfectly sums up the democrats. They offer nothing and that’s why people didn’t show up to vote.”

            Not to interrupt your diatribe with facts or anything but these are the official results of 2016 American presidential election:

            Hilary Clinton 65,853,516
            Donald Trump 62,984,825

            So by my count almost 66 million people “showed up to vote” for Clinton, you’re welcome.

          9. jusayinlike

            Yea that’s great rp, it’s a shame it wasn’t enough, my point still stands and you haven’t addressed it, the democrats offered nothing, that’s why you have Trump.

          10. Nigel

            Look at you still fighting the last election and trying to justify your abject embrace of the far right because you believed the Clinton campaign were ordering children off a pizza menu. That’s all you offer. Stupidity and support for right wing extremists.

          11. jusayinlike

            Voter shaming yet again, blaming everyone else because the dems ran on nothing. Get up off your knees man.

            FYI, I don’t support the far right. But I understand your need to smear me, it’s typical of democrats these days.

          12. realPolithicks

            ” the democrats offered nothing”

            and yet the democratic candidate received almost 3,000,000 more votes then trump….

          13. jusayinlike

            And yet it wasn’t enough..

            Once again I’ll ask you, what did the democrats offer in 2016?

          14. Nigel

            But you were so happy when the far right and Trump won! It wasn’t ‘I knew they shouldn’t have run Clinton and they offered nothing now look what’s happened’ it was ‘YEAH TRUMP IN YOUR FACE FOUR MORE YEARS.’ You promised me he’d have Clinton locked up by Christmas! You are only interested in attacking lame and venal centrists while obviously in sympathy with the evil far right because they have all the best conspiracy theories.

          15. jusayinlike

            Get up off your knee’s man and stop whining.

            Why didn’t you support Bernie if you’re so sure Hillary was inappropriate?

          16. Nigel

            And wtf is ‘voter shaming?’ Everyone who voted for Trump should be ashamed. Everyone who decided to spend their time attacking Clinton and ignoring Trump should feel ashamed. However some people, no matter how obvious it is they messed up, will always just double down.

          17. jusayinlike

            That’s exactly what voter shaming is, blaming the audience when you put on a poo show and they boo.

          18. Nigel

            Rather than looking back, let’s look ahead. Actively and vocally support whoever wins the Democratic primary over Trump, or be a far right stooge forever.

          19. jusayinlike

            Vote Tulsi 2020.

            She’s offering medicare4all, free college education, she’s anti war, and wants to divert funds from defence to domestic social needs.

          20. Nigel

            (Three million more votes than Trump and it still wasn’t enough, but you think the real problem is with the Democrats…)

          21. Nigel

            They didn’t boo, and they weren’t an audience. They were citizens choosing who should have the most powerful political position in the land and arguably the world. Shame on anyone who voted for the reality show star because he was ‘entertaining,’ and shame on you who did applaud when they did.

          22. jusayinlike

            Voter shaming.

            Rather than facing up to the fact that the democrats offered nothing, rather than looking inwards at party reform, you blame the electorate.. is that all the democrats have to offer?

          23. Nigel

            ‘Offered nothing’ is such blatant right-wing propaganda Feck off and read their policy proposals and platforms. They didn’t offer the equivalent of a wall or a Muslim ban or bringing back coal, which is what Trump offered, which is what his voters wanted, so shame on those stupid bastards, and since when did you get sensitive about the poor feelings of the Republican-voting share of the US electorate? The ones who supported the second Iraq War, waterboarding, drilling in the Arctic Reserve? Heh – how many of these people are secretly praying that Russia really did hack the election and swing it for Trump just so they can be let off the hook?

            The quality of the elected is a reflection of the electorate. if they don’t like being shamed for it, they can vote better. I’m ashamed of my government every day, and I didn’t even vote for them.

            And if Tulsi doesn’t get the nomination, I presume you will support whoever does win against Trump?

          24. jusayinlike

            Democrat voter shaming, blaming voters for their ineptitude.

            And screaming hysterical conspiracies to deflect.

          25. Nigel

            Ineptitude? Trump voters got exactly what they wanted. I think they’re despicable. Don’t you? Unless you got what you wanted too, of course. Are you going to support whoever runs against Trump?

          26. jusayinlike

            It’s the democrats fault for the election of Trump.

            It’s the democrats and their corporate media sponsors fault for emboldening him.

            Blaming voters for party ineptitude is stupid. Perhaps they should consider offering them something meaningful instead of baseless hysterical conspiracies, phoney identity politics and voter shaming.

            I support Tulsi as I’ve already stated. She wants to end wars and reroute finance from defence to domestic social needs such as medicare4all. She’s anti regime change wars and wants to introduce a bill called stop funding terrorists.

          27. Nigel

            Why so eager to let Trump voters off the hook? They voted for him and they’re not sorry. Democratic ineptitude isn’t absolution for the act of voting for him.

            If Tulsi does not get the nomination will you support whoever does or will you support Trump?

        1. f_lawless

          a point well made about Manning Nigel – but how do you justify your stance on Assange who is being arbitrarily detained in isolation without charge by the British authorities for close to 7 years now? – UN human rights experts have stated that this is in breach of international law.

          ‘(They believe) it is undermining his health, and may possibly endanger his life given the disproportionate amount of anxiety and stress that such prolonged deprivation of liberty entails.’..
          .. ‘ “It is time that Mr. Assange, who has already paid a high price for peacefully exercising his rights to freedom of opinion, expression and information, and to promote the right to truth in the public interest, recovers his freedom,” the experts concluded. ‘

          1. Nigel

            With respect, I don’t think you really know enough about my stance on Assange to ask for a justification.

        2. f_lawless

          I’m talking about your stance in terms of what you wrote in your previous comment
          “No. It’s disparaging at worse.” . That’s taking a stance -you’re making it clear that you have little or no sympathy for his suffering

          1. Nigel

            It was more an opinion on the nature of the comment calling him a nut, which in and of itself seems relatively mild as insults go whatever it might say if our attitudes to mental health, relative to the cruelty of dismissing a trans woman and abuse survivor as attention seeking. I suppose the commenter was being callous towards Assange as well. Callous is the new cool, apparently.

        3. Dub Spot

          Nurse! The Thorazine injection please, quick! Nigel’s having another “moment”.

  1. Dub Spot

    Note the huge international outcry of support for Chelsea from the International Women’s Day virtue signallers.

  2. Dub Spot

    In fairness, Chelsea’s performance since Jose got the marching orders has been criminal.

  3. Starina

    Chelsea should be jailed for that mullet she’s sporting in the photo above.

    *snaps fingers*

    No but fair play to her, I hope she’s released soon.

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