EU May Like This


Sarah McTernan – 22

Just ‘dropped’.

Ireland’s act and song for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Sarah, age 24, from Scariff, County Clare, will compete in the second Eurovision Semi Final in Tel Aviv, Israel on Thursday, May 16.

Written by Janieck, Marcia “Misha” Sondeijker and Roulsen.

Who all hail from the Netherlands.


Ireland’s Eurovision contestant and song revealed (RTÉ)

29 thoughts on “EU May Like This

  1. bisted

    …shame on RTE and all involved in this attempt to normalise the evil apartheid regime in Tel Aviv…

    1. eoin

      Protest outside RTE in Donnybrook at 12.30pm today.

      If you want to actually get something done (as opposed to making a minor protest), what you do is demand RTE suspend its membership of the EBU. As well as saving €500,000 a year in a “membership fee”, RTE can opt out of contracts with the EBU to opt out of European news programming (what programming?). In fact, even without the EBU giving two fingers to Palestine and the world, the fact the EBU is an unaccountable organisation based in Switzerland which doesn’t publish full and audited accounts and is headed up by the boyo who ran RTE for several years, and RTE is loss-making and needs savings, the membership with the EBU should be suspended. Broadcasters do walk away from the EBU, it’s not mandatory.

    2. Mel

      Have you boycotted anywhere else Jeffrey old boy, or is it just Israel you have a problem with?

  2. Alan

    How to kill a potential singing career in two easy steps:
    1) Sing as an Irish entry to Eurovision.
    2) Sing as an Irish entry to Eurovision when it hosted in Israel.

    1. phil

      There will be some nasty social media behavior towards her , I’d prefer if there wasn’t , but it’s likely , hope she has someone to explain the politics of the whole thing to her…

      1. Alan

        Completely agree, I would hope that RTE have let her know well in advance what is in store, from online abuse to protests at any gigs she may be involved in. I can’t imagine how she thought that would help advance her career as a singer. Way too controversial of a topic in Ireland.

    2. shitferbrains

      Didn’t seem to do Colm Wilkinson’s career much damage. Ireland has been in Israel for the ” song contest ” three times.

  3. Martco

    you can fupp off RTE

    I look forward to seeing your “TAM” ratings on this one – I imagine they’ll be somewhat massaged

    the only things of value I’ve ever watched on your station were:
    Wanderly Wagon, Zig & Zag, Vincent Hanley’s MT USA, Nighthawks, Euro ’88 – USA ’94, Reeling in the Years & Gaybo**

    all long gone

    **because unlike the teenagers having to grow up today it gave me a simple black & white reference as to how this country operated & what a kip it truly was

      1. Martco

        well the body is in the 40-50 range & has a fair bit of mileage on it, brain a lot younger ;)

        1. Cian

          Nighthawks? I haven’t thought of that show for years.

          Great idea a live TV show, in a ‘pub’. The audience will be on-stage sitting at random tables, drinking, and having an auld chat with each other. And the presenter also interviews the guests at random tables.

    1. Mel

      Nah. It’s not apartheid.
      The terrorists that run Palestine want the destruction of the Israeli state. Israel will protect its borders.

          1. bisted

            …neither is Netanyahu…it is used as a cover for the on-going ethnic cleansing in Palestine…the zionist project has failed and there will never be peace until the secular state of Palestine is restored…

        1. Mel

          Ethnic cleansing bisted? How does that work when the population has increased? Increasing at a much faster rate than Israel’s

  4. Slightly Bemused

    Not a bad song, and nice voice, if in the modern ‘breathy’ style which seems to be in vogue.

    Oh, and obligatory ‘Save Poolbeg’! :)

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