This morning.

Mark Tighe tweetz:

Came across some awful driving this morning as this taxi man crushed the front wheel of a woman’s bike as he drove into the cycle lane at a busy junction. Thankfully the woman was not injured. Gardaí were called….

Free the lanes.


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      1. Rob_G


        “Glad both are OK”

        – no motorist has ever been injured through running over a cyclist (or a pedestrian) – of course he’s bloody ok.

  1. Conski

    you do realise you can drive in some of the cycle lanes? There’s a dotted white line on the above photos which means a motorist can use. You’re not really supposed to drive over bicycles and people and the like though.
    So this is road accident caused by some eejit.
    Hope yer wan is alright

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      Are you referring to the cycle lanes without cyclists/bicycles in them at the time?

      That’s a fair point.

      Irrelevant, but fair.

  2. millie st murderlark

    I’d say that was a hair raising moment for both. Stay safe on the roads folks.

    It’s also very cold so do yourself a favor and wear gloves.

  3. Johnny

    Did he ask either party if they needed police assistance,or just speed dial his guard contacts ?
    Give that citizen a medal or a wee uniform,so he can continue his good works,or maybe he just minds his own fecking business and stops wasting the emergency services time and money on minor traffic incidents.

  4. Meremortal

    Had to litterally jump out of a cyclists way while walking the dog last night, was told to “f00k off” when the I told him it was illegal for him to be on the pavement. No lights, no reflective gear, barrelling down the path. The irony is that this is just standard behaviour for these entitled, boorish, virtue signalling snowflakes.

    I’m looking forward to the government doing public service messages for cyclists to behave to counter the utterly irresponsible behaviour we all have to put up with from 99% of them now. Cyclists are a menace to all road and pavement users. #banthebike

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      There was a cyclist ahead of me this morning who nearly took out 2 pedestrians as he shot through red lights at a junction. There were around 9 other cyclists stopped at the lights, correctly. One douchebag.

    2. Sjwareamenace

      Ohhhhh did it offend you when he cursed, you’re a poor lil snowflake aren’t ya.

      1. Meremortal

        No, he insults society and gives everyone two fingers because of the typical cycling attitude of entitlement and “everyone-else-can-f00k-off”-ery. As with 99% of cyclists their behaviour is at best erratic and at worst downright insane. His opinion of me is irrelivant, just like your opinion of me.

        Cyclists are a menace.

        1. Goodnight Ireland

          I would agree that the guy in your case was a tool, however it is a stretch to say 99% of cyclists are erratic. I would put that figure at about 5-10%

        2. LeopoldGloom

          That’s not a typical cyclists attitude though. You’re wrong, and more to the point you’re irrational.

          Not to defend this guy. This guy was obviously an idiot. He’s probably the same when on foot or in a car.

        3. small ads

          Surely it’s the drivers are a menace? They’re the ones killing ~150 people every year.

    3. Spaghetti Hoop

      I see this every day.
      Message to cyclists: learn to sit in traffic.
      There is this permeating assumption (been around since Dublin commute-cycling really took off) that a bike will guarantee you getting to your destination quicker by ‘beating the traffic’ ’cause you can weave in and out of jams, sidle up narrow passages and breeze through the lights ‘if there’s nowt coming’.
      Well, yiz can’t. There are rules there to protect all of us. And by us I mean all road-users. We are not fighting for space, we’re sharing it. I’d say most of us could class ourselves as pedestrians, cyclists, bus and Luas-ers and motorists – so less of the ganging up spewing hatred at individual groups. The RSA could drop the incessant drink-driving campaign for maybe a couple of hours and actually start educating road-users a little better, especially those who have not gone through the driving test and licensing process.

      1. ZeligIsJaded

        Never any need for a cyclist to sit in traffic.
        It’s wonderful.
        Motorists should sit in traffic, no one else.
        It’s not weaving – It’s filtering, and perfectly legal.
        Cyclists, and motorists should stop at red lights, and obey the rules of the road.
        But a cyclist should never ‘sit in traffic’.
        That’s for motorists.
        Bless ’em!

        1. Lurch

          Yep…The beauty of cycling.
          Get fit, No sitting in traffic, zero emissions.

          I’m sure most drivers are glad when cyclists don’t sit in traffic holding them up.
          I know when I have to drive I prefer that cyclists piss off up the road away from bottle necks.
          A lot safer in most cases also.

        1. Rob_G

          No, not ‘well said hoop’ – it is genuinely terrifying that there are one-tonne pieces of machinery being driven around by people so wholly-misinformed about the provisions of the RTA.

          1. Nigel

            Not to mention slightly disorienting when evidence of the dangers of careless driving prompts a tirade against cyclists.

          2. millie st murderlark

            Think I’ll stick by what I said. You’re free to disagree, clearly. It’s a well-expressed point, and one I agree with.

            So, ahem, well said hoop.

          3. Rob_G

            Everyone is of course free to disagree, and it was a well-expressed point – it was also completely wrong. It was one road user pontificating to other road users that the rules of the road are X, when they are in fact Y.

            The fact that Spag. Hoop has been operating a machine which can kill people, without having a clue as to the laws pertaining to the how his vehicle interacts with vulnerable road users (indeed, going so far as to lecture other road users on his erroneous assumptions), is a cause of some anxiety when you are one of them vulnerable road users :(

      2. papa p

        “you can weave in and out of jams, sidle up narrow passages and breeze through the lights ‘if there’s nowt coming’.
        Well, yiz can’t”


      3. George

        Cars cause traffic delays. Why should I wait behind them because they are inefficient?

        Also this is not a good place for cyclists bashing given this woman could have been seriously hurt.

        1. postmanpat

          George, Its just a bunch of smoker fatsos who wouldn’t cycle in a fit, venting on the internet because they gave up sweeties and lovely fags for lent 2 day ago. I’ve been running red lights at junctions for 25 years . If there’s noting coming (and no fuzz), then as far as I’m concerned pedestrian rules apply to me. Besides, all accidents and fatalities to cyclists are caused by motorists when the cyclist is doing nothing wrong anyway. Ill break the reds when I deem it safe, like I always have and get to my destination, and off the road as soon as possible before some silly auld one in a Range Rover runs me over because she was distracted with little Conor, Oisin, Fionn ,Cathal and Ronan fighting in the back seat over who gets to play the Nintendo. I have eyes so I don’t cycle into pedestrians crossing, I cycle around them, and I don’t go on footpaths unless said Range rover is parked on my cycle lane . Over all, the roads are as safe/unsafe as they have ever been .People are just to damn oversensitive. And everyone on the road are just working stiffs annoyed coming or going to some head wrecker job and wants to blame someone .But everyone need to focus on the real menaces to society. Dole Scum! Who are nowhere to be seen during rush hour.

    4. Mel

      Dog owners are more of a menace if you ask me. Pavements littered with their excrement. The dog’s that is ! It’s disgusting Not picking up after their mutts, no control and letting dogs off leashes.

      1. millie st murderlark

        Have to agree with you there. It’s pure ignorance and laziness.

        We have people living across from us, who let their dog roam around the estate in the evenings and they never ever bother picking up after it. It shits all over the common green areas, where the kids play, and more than once we’ve come across it outside our house too.

        Husband, after becoming increasingly fed up with this, decided to pick all the shit up one evening and proceeded to leave it in a bag on their doorstep. He continued to do it until they got the message, and now they pick up after their dog.

        1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

          I keep coming across bags of dog poop just flung on the grass. What is the point of collecting it then throwing it away?
          One bag was suspiciously full. I began to wonder about which poop they were collecting.

    5. George

      Pretty pathetic that you’re using this as a general opportunity to rant about cyclists. The woman could have been badly hurt.

    6. Rob_G

      This is like coming across a story about a famine in Africa, and saying: “well I got mugged one time by a black guy, so…”

  5. Starina

    my pal cycling up Richmond St a couple of weeks ago and a taxi going the opposite direction did a U-turn, scraped against her, bending the wheel against a pole, and then drove off. She was so shocked she didn’t get his license plate.

  6. Junkface

    Don’t get me started on Dublin Taxi drivers! Jesus, twice they knocked me off a bike, and once off a motorbike. Doing insane U-turns without checking all mirrors. Prosecute the bolax

        1. johnny

          -so 4 drivers involved-2 deported after BIG GARDA operation,covered exclusively and breathlessly by Paul Williams and the Indo.
          -why are you linking and spreading BS,lies and nonsense ?

          1. Mel

            good man johnny. LOL. There is a massive issue with impersonation, forged documents and illegal drivers . Has been for years. It isn’t nonsense.

          2. Johnny

            MASSIVE-cut the hyperbole there pal,4 drivers,a typical idiotic FF spoke who doesn’t even know it’s not the NTA,the whole piece is garbage.
            Try using some facts there “Mel”,rather than your half baked racist scaremongering.

        2. Junkface

          The two Taxi Drivers who knocked me off my bike were pure Dublin lads, I didn’t catch a look at the other one. One with a big dirty mustache and a “Sorry Bud”, so I wouldn’t go blaming immigrant drivers in my experience.

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Taxi drivers, in recent years, have brought a lack of consideration, laziness and ignorance to a whole new level. They generally have no qualms about running you off the road to get to where they want to go. There are a few that are still willing to INDICATE and use some skill when changing lane but mostly they treat all other road users with contempt and could not give a fupp. There are no consequences for their bad behavior so what can you expect.

  7. Simon

    Taxi drivers shouldn’t be allowed use the bus lanes, let alone stray into the cycle lanes.

    1. Praetorian.

      They are only supposed to use bus lanes when carrying a fare paying passenger…if empty they must stay in traffic flow.
      They also cannot use contra flow bus lanes.

      1. Simon

        I did not know that about only being able to use bus lanes with a passenger – makes sense!

        1. phil

          They can use bus lanes if on the way to pick up a passenger , so that one scenario where they should not use the bus lane is almost impossible to police in my opinion

      2. Rob_G

        They shouldn’t be allowed to use the bus lanes, full-stop; by the same logic, I should be allowed use the bus lane if I was dropping my Dad into town, or going to pick up a friend.

  8. jerry

    i fell off my bike in the storm last year, sadly i dont have a photo of it , because this shit happens every day

  9. A Person

    Look at the pic. They are perpendicular to each other. Who broke the lights? Then apportion blame.

  10. Johnny

    The ST hack has gotten lots feedback on his photos skills,with “assman” probably my favorite,he refuses reveal nationality of driver.
    But it’s been asked if it was a shinny new Merc/BMW,would he have be so quick to drop a dime….

  11. LeopoldGloom

    The breezing through lights is more of a problem with drivers at the moment. It become endemic and it’s because there’s no enforcement. I think the only reason there are no serious accidents is because people have no come to expect that anything between 1-5 cars will go through a red light, and who knows how many through an amber.

    Also, we don’t know how this accident happened, and yes people need to look after their own safety, but in the main the duty of care lies with the folk controlling the 2 tonnes of metal.

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