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  1. Ron

    All this rubbish about Lisa Smith. She is an Irish citizen. bring her home and the charge her under Section 5(2) of the Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) 2005 Act which explicitly provides that the Offences Against the State Acts apply to any terrorist group as if it were an unlawful organisation.

    Either that or revoke her citizenship and leave her where she is.

    Both ways send a clear message that Ireland is not an easy haven for people with terrorist affiliations. It’s not like we don’t have a bag load of experience in this topic considering our past as a country.

  2. eoin

    Big week in the British parliament for the future of Brexit. Great analysis here.


    Tomorrow, they’ll vote on the current draft withdrawal deal (it will be rejected)
    Wednesday, they’ll vote on avoiding a no-deal at all costs (it will likely be approved)
    Thursday, they’ll vote on seeking an extension (it will likely be approved)
    But nothing is guaranteed.

    At the end of the week, the Brits will probably seek an extension, but then there’ll be haggling about whether it’s 4 months or 2 years.

    1. Starina

      If the Brits want an extension, does the EU have to agree to it? Can the EU just say “nope, soz, bye”?

      1. Jibjob

        The EU do not have to agree at all. An extension would require the agreement of all 27 governments. They may not agree if the delay is thought to be just playing for time, and one or two of them may want something in return for agreeing.

        1. bisted

          …can’t see the brits asking the EU27 for anything…they will just unilaterally withdraw their letter invoking Article 50…

          1. GiggidyGoo

            That sounds like the most sensible course of action. May would lose face, but she would be an ex prime minister- We don’t hear much if Cameron, and he was the one who opened all this up in the first place.

        2. ReproBertie

          The extension creates all sorts of headaches, particularly around the EU elections, so the UK may not find an entirely favourable response to their request. They’d need to come up with a decent reason for an extension too. The EU aren’t going to agree to an extension just to allow the UK rehash the same old garbage about the backstop and technical solutions for another 6 months. It may not seem like it to the UK but the EU does have other items on their agenda and their patience for dealing with Sasamach is fast running out.

          1. Otis Blue

            An extension would also require that the UK pay into the 2019 EU budget.

            That’ll go down well.

        3. eoin

          True, an extension must be agreed by all remaining 27 EU countries.

          Meanwhile, while we’re all obsessing about the Irish backstop, we’re forgetting about that other part of Britain with an EU border, Gibraltar. Spain is bilaterally negotiating with the UK about how Gibraltar will operate post-Brexit (they are so, Simon, yes, bilaterally). The Spanish/British relationship is complicated and often hostile. I wouldn’t put it past the Spanish to veto any extension.


  3. eoin

    Remember that time, a decade ago, when Ireland took in two Uzbekistanis which the USA wanted to kick out of Guantanamo? Uzbekistan is a former Soviet republic, big Muslim majority. Not much is known about the two boyos but they will almost definitely have been brutalised by the USA in Guanatamo, and may well have been tortured by the USA or others. What were the Uzbeks accused of? We don’t know. Are they handy with explosives and such? We don’t know. Are they radicalised? Almost definitely. Are they living next door to you this morning? We don’t know.


    I wonder were those boyos from a “former Soviet state” arrested by the Gardai a couple of months ago on suspicion of aiding Islamic State connected to the two boyos we accepted a decade ago?

    And if we’re willing to accommodate two radicalised Uzbeks, what’s the problem with taking that woman from Dundalk back.

    1. ReproBertie

      Have Athletics Ireland been in touch Eoin? With leaping like that there’s surely an Olympic medal chance.

        1. eoin

          Unbelievable, but well done to NYT for exposing the fake news. Not a word about it on this side of the pond of course. RTE did draw down on the Simon Cumber fund (funded by Irish Aid, ie us!) to send one junior journalist to Haiti; she reported this morning, Was there any mention about (1) black-outs (2) protesters killed with live fire or (3) the Venezuelan oil aid programme which was designed to be wonderful charity but was plundered by the US-backed Haiti govt? No, there was not.

          1. johnny

            “I woke up in Haiti on the morning of April 29th (2015) to a phone message saying that RTÉ had sent me a letter regarding my confidential banking arrangements with Anglo Irish Bank/IBRC.”

            -as you guys gave Frontline,the charity for journalists, 500,000 perhaps Dennis could ya know pen a piece or two while waking up there, as he’s chairman:)


            Agreed on NYT-Saunders live now with a Press briefing, expecting some questions on Pence and Venezuela.

  4. martco

    according to Ryanair’s own corporate mag – Fleet

    “Ryanair operates a fleet of 400 Boeing 737-800 series aircraft, with orders for 115 new Boeing 737 aircraft and 110 new Boeing 737 MAX 200s, and options for 100 more MAX 200s, which will enable Ryanair to grow its fleet to 585 by 2024…”

    the term MAX refers to this variants demented new seating arrangements btw – Boeing 737-8-200 config = 200 seats!! (that’s utter sardine can territory for adults…next stop the old joke about the roof bars & no jacks)

    Ryanair’s first 737 Max type were due delivery in “Spring 2019”

  5. eoin

    isn’t today the start of the nurses balloting their members about the recent sham of a pay deal? The nurses were looking for €300m extra a year in pay for existing staff plus €100m for new staff. The government offered them something worth a tenth of that and the nurses union accepted.Can’t see anything like a majority of the 40,000 nurses in the INMO accepting the deal.

  6. Catherine costelloe

    Charlie Flanagan would have “real difficulty” in gathering evidence against Lisa Smith. Why change the habits of a lifetime Charlie.

    1. bisted

      …has Charlie ‘friend of israel’ Flanagan not received his instructions from the embassy yet?

  7. Riz

    The cover of the Irish Times – that ad in the corner. “Brace for impact” – bit insensitive to run that alongside the story of Micheal Ryan dying in the Ethiopian airplane disaster.

    1. Junkface

      You are the problem Riz. How in the name of God did you find risk of offence / insensitivity at that? Stop looking to be offended and get on with your life. I’m sure the mans own family members would not have spotted that, or found anything insensitive. Jaysus!

  8. johnny

    and so it begins….
    New kid on the block, no info available on funding, main ‘player’ is Ian Hyland who’s fanzine Business and Finance is winding down, or going out business.
    This morning in NY the annual Irish stock exchange day (Enda & DOB) was hijacked by Hyland and his cronies.
    With the failure of Business and Finance,Hyland has attempted to pivot into PR and Event management.His F5 Digital Media Communications Ltd,has tried courtesy of 100,000 grand from you guys to fill the gap left by the Dublin Web Summit.The state (that be you )via Failte Ireland threw almost 100,000 grand at Dublin Tech Summit (DTS),yeah exactly how’s that been working out…
    My interest in Hyland such that it is, regards his BFF Paul Connolly x INM,often described as DOB’s ‘voice’ in Ireland.He’s a partner in Hylands PR company Principal Strategies.Will try track down how much you guys are funding Hylands latest jolly in New York.


  9. johnny

    few links-


    Ps-will try keep an eye on how much your money the state throws away on this cringe inducing,annual,idiotic and outdated,paddywhackery.
    C’mon its 2019 this is not MY Ireland that Hyland is representing,its an ‘ideal’ from the 1970’s devised to sell Kerrgold butter, first imagined by ad man O’Reilly to promote his romantic ideal of old Ireland and adapted ever since,its long past time for an upgrade.

      1. johnny

        I actually was taking it easy on Hyland-no really-but handing Rep Neal a Irish rugby jersey with his name on back is just so tacky, he’s a blue collar,hard working congressman from Worcester,think Mark Walburg-not Martha’s Vineyard…
        (link above)
        Probably the most amusing latest anecdote about Hyland was his appointment without their knowledge of ‘ghost advisors’ to his PR firm:)
        The ghost advisors included Dick Roche…

        “When contacted by Goldhawk Roche was baffled when queried about his recruitment to Hyland’s latest much-hyped business venture, saying he had never agreed to join PC in any capacity. Roche got to Hyland a day later to learn that his addition to PC’s elite team of C-suite type personalities was also an office clerical error.”

        There’s also that little matter with Revenue,which I hear he’s finally cleared up, naturally none these has slightest impact on Irish FG ministers cozying up to Hyland,this is FG’s Ireland after all !


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