Make Caps Great Again


Yours for $50.

St Patrick’s Day 2019 MAGA Hats (Trump/Pence)

Thanks Mark Burns


Competition to run tomorrow. Thanks, Johnny (see comments).

22 thoughts on “Make Caps Great Again

  1. johnny

    -for the week thats in it-had office order one-will forward it to Bodger/Broadsheet who can run a competition or burn it:)
    should take about 7-10 days.

          1. Johnny

            Ordered -paid for – pit stop in NY it will be in Dublin next few days:)
            Oh hold on what if I ‘win’ the competition….

          2. Ron Jeremy’s Stunt Double

            I too have one of those hats courtesy of an American Trump supporting cousin. I have only worn it once and when I did I eerily looked like Michael Moore.

          3. Nigel

            Lead the local St Patrick’s Day Parade wearing it. Take photos. Publish them on Broadsheet. Become LEGEND.

      1. George

        I remember a hand-wringing post about how you don’t take sides or support particular politicians. I am confused now.

        1. johnny

          Me-I’m an unabashed proud Irish republican-US politics was into Bernie last time, this time liking Kamila Harris.Generally,I’m not onto the ‘cult of personality’ in politics, i view Pence as probably more dangerous than Trump.

          1. George

            I am not talking about him I am talking about Broadsheet but why someone would pay Trump 50dollars is beyond me.

          2. johnny

            Kramer: “It’s a write-off for them.”
            Jerry: “How is it a write-off?”
            Kramer: “They just write it off.”
            Jerry: “Write it off what?”
            Kramer: “Jerry, all these big companies, they write off everything.”
            Jerry: “You don’t even know what a write-off is.”
            Kramer: “Do you?”
            Jerry: “No, I don’t.”
            Kramer: “But they do. And they’re the ones writing it off.”
            Jerry: “I wish I had the last twenty seconds of my life back.”

  2. Nigel

    If you can afford $50 for a baseball cap you’re probably already pretty lucky, you just want to pretend otherwise.

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