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Eamonn Kelly (above) and his new comedy novel “When Things Were Great!” (top)

‘Oisín Landers returns home to Ireland after 20 years to find the country in the grip of an uncharacteristic economic boom. Everything has changed, except Mick Lowry’s Bar, which has remained frozen in time, in a deep sepia hue, inspiring Oisín to a whole new depression similar to the one that caused him to emigrate in the first place. How will Oisín survive the mental ravages of small town Ireland?’

Writer and journalist (and Broadsheet columnist) Eamonn Kelly‘s new novel “When Things Were Great!”, a comedy set in the final days of boomtime Ireland, is now available for pre-order [at link below] and will be released on St Patrick’s Day March 17.

Eamonn writes:

The novel is very much in keeping with my writing for Broadsheet, the plot featuring a satirical take on Irish political corruption in a book that is a generally silly take on small town Irish life during the late-lamented boom.

The title comes from the oft-heard complaint from young people that us older crowd had the best of times, the novel setting out to show that times in Ireland tend to be equally absurd in the long run

Pre-order “When Things Were Great!” here.

Eamonn Kelly

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