Have You Seen Ferret?



Paul writes:

“Our cat Ferret has been missing from the Donore Avenue area in Dublin 8 since last night. We just moved to the area and we’re worried he’s after getting lost. If anyone has found/seen him I would be so grateful if you could get in contact.”



Ferret has arrived home safe and sound.

Thank you, all.

9 thoughts on “Have You Seen Ferret?

  1. pedeyw

    Keep and ear out at your old place, he may be trying to get back there. Also (this is a little gross) if you have any of his used litter around, scoop it up in a bag without sealing it and put it outside the house for him, it’ll help him smell his way home. It’s worked for me before.
    Don’t worry too much though, he’s probably just checking out his new area.

  2. millie st murderlark

    Take heart, cat person. My own little clawed demon disappeared numerous times, once for over a month, when we moved to our current house, but she made her way back eventually.

    Fingers crossed for you. It’s horrible waiting and not knowing.

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