Wanna Get PI?


This afternoon.

On South Great George’s Street, Dublin 2.

Willie White tweetz:

Apparently people like cheap pizza. Pic outside @pipizzas from noon today, where there’s a €3.14 offer until 3.14 as it’s π day 3/14.

PI Pizzas

16 thoughts on “Wanna Get PI?

    1. Boj

      In fairness, it is a terrible pic. Unless it was taken by a cyclist in the process of being flattened…teehee

      1. The Old Boy

        I’m not sure whether the photographer should be given a spirit level or beaten about the head with one.

  1. Mart

    I hate queuing. There is no way I would stand in that queue just to save a tenner on pizza.

    Although, everyone I can see does look young, and young people tend to be poor so I guess it makes some kind of sense.

  2. Junkface

    Jaysus, that’s some Queue! I’ve no patience for queuing. Where is this Pizza place, next to the George?

  3. LeopoldGloom

    It was way better when it was Havanna, and you can get pretty cheap and delivious pizza a short walk away at Sano anyway , 7 days a week

  4. SydneyT

    If you posted an ad offering €10 to stand in a line for nothing for one hour or more I doubt there’d be such a queue

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