May I Take Your Order?


Last night.

At The Ivy restaurant on Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

A group of workers, trade unionist and activists gathered at The Ivy restaurant to highlight what they claim is ‘tip theft’ of workers’ tips.

They also read out a ‘menu’ of workplace issues (top), they claim have been reported by past and present staff, to customers and management.

In a statement to the Irish Times today (see link below), the restaurant said:  “100 per cent of credit card tips are shared amongst the entire 150 staff members members (excluding management)”.

It added: “A gratuity per hour is paid to every staff member in addition to their contractual hourly wage and is guaranteed by the company in that any shortfall, regardless of whether any tips are paid by patrons, will be made up by the company.”

“All cash tips are kept by the individual waiter/waitress, although they are encouraged to share these tips with their colleagues.”

The protest follows Independents 4 Change TD Joan Collins telling the Dáil on March 7:

“Recently, I’ve been approached by workers in a new, very swanky and expensive Ivy restaurant where the company are taking the major proportion of tips paid to staff – using these tips to make up the difference in their wages.

“I’ll give you an example. One worker signed a contract, in October, for €14.90 an hour. They’re now being paid €9.80 an hour and the difference is being made up with the tips. So this company is robbing the workers of their money and we don’t know where the rest of the money is going…it seems to be pocketed by the company.”

Protest held outside Ivy restaurant in Dublin over waiters’ tips (Áine McMahon, The Irish Times)

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14 thoughts on “May I Take Your Order?

  1. eoin

    In that exchange in the Dail on 7 March didn’t Simon Coveney respond

    “Just on the tips issue, let me just be very clear: Any employer that calculates salary and includes tips in that figure is acting illegally. You can’t do it. Tips are separate to salary. And if there are issues the Government needs to act there: we will look at that closely.”

    So, if your salary is €14.90 an hour, as claimed by Deputy Joan Collins, but that includes €5.10 of tips (€14.90 minus €9.80), is the Ivy, in the words of Simon Coveney, “acting illegally”? Or, maybe Deputy Collins doesn’t have the full facts as I’d be very surprised if the management at The Ivy wasn’t scrupulous about these things.

    1. Rep

      if they are doing what all the very loud rumours are saying, I honestly don’t know how they are getting away with other then either nobody has made a complaint, but then I am not sure that someone needs to make a complaint for action to be taken, or they are being very clever/devious about it and everything is legal but highly unethical and not very nice.

    1. Murtles

      Cook that meal, serve that dish
      Would ya throw a few chips on with that fish?

      Dammit all my chants while protesting outside restaurants, just turn into a food orders :(

  2. Junkface

    Sharing tips with management!? They are already earning a decent wage. Tips should be for the waiters and waitresses for their good service. Jesus, everything about the modern economy is about screwing the staff so the owners/shareholders can make even more profit. Its like an illness. Thanks America

  3. Rep

    How is that place busy? Every review of it I read was terrible and they’ve had nothing but bad publicity since opening yet seems to be busy whenever I’ve walked by. I don’t understand it.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    The Ivy seems to embody the worst side of Dublin. Pretentious, greedy, fupping over yer own (very irish), and also unoriginal.

  5. baz

    hmm something not adding up

    staff happily work there

    others not working there bad mouthing the place

    1. Iwerzon

      Staff scared poop-less of loosing their job, just as I rarely complain to my landlord for fear of loosing my home.

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