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Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Are DAFT facilitating landlords hiding the location of properties? New regulations governing the advertising of rental property must include a provision for the inclusion of the Eircode. What’s to gain from hiding “Newly Refurbished/BER Exempt’ property locations? #RaiseTheRoof


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9 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. eoin

    Remember those magazines which used to make their money from prostitutes advertising on the back pages? That’s what has become. It welcomes these rental ads and is,IMO, either endorsing or recklessly ignoring unlawful housing conditions appearing in listings and it breaks all sorts of rules, such as the rule requiring an Eircode, just so it can get its grubby hands on €175 (featured rental ad), €95 (premium, high priority) or €45 (standard rental listing).

    Who specifically is benefitting from this tide of misery?

    “THE millionaire Fallon brothers have shared a further €8m dividend windfall with other shareholders from their online group of companies this year and last year… The revenues include the income generated by the and the Done Deal websites. “
    Total scumbags.

  2. Easily Triggered

    Just zoom in a little closer. They’re properties that are too close to each other for the map to differentiate, ie in an apartment block or next door to one another.

    1. Rep

      Indeed, I assumed this was common knowledge.

      FYI, its the same for house sales as for house lets which would render this conspiracy a bit void.

  3. Dave

    I’d suggest that your time might be better used investigating how to use the computer machine.

  4. Rob

    I believe, the pins are dropped wherever the person setting up the advert decides.
    I have seen some pins dropped in locations which are vastly different from the actual address.
    But yes, I believe they should have the full address/eircode.

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