The How To be Sound podcast.

Host Rosemary McCabe writes:

Lynn Enright’s first book, Vagina: A Re-Education, has just been published – she sat down with me to talk about why we need to talk about our vaginas more, the importance of knowing the right words for the right bits and why we still prioritise male pleasure in heterosexual sex. Plus: what her dad thought about her VAGINA tote bag….

‘Fannypack’ surely?


How To be Sound

24 thoughts on “Gee, Thanks

  1. scundered

    The vagina and the vulva sound more like cars that should have been made by Opel/Vauxhall

  2. Brother Barnabas

    “why we still prioritise male pleasure in heterosexual sex”

    that’s not really true

    1. Captainpants

      Shh. Were supposed to pretend its still 1970 so that we can continue to have something to fill Guardian op-eds with.

    1. gobbledy

      Is this who memes was on about yesterday?

      Anyway I see another sneery comment sigh about a ballsy woman by other waspy oul wans here

  3. Dub Spot

    Is Fannypack millennial-speak for Geebag?

    Stellar narcissistic virtue-signalling from the plus-size keyboard warrior echo-chamber.

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