‘We Are Prepared For The Worst But Hope For The Best’


European Council president Donald Tusk speaking at a press conference in Brussels today.

It follows the EU last night agreeing to postpone Brexit until May 22 – as long as MPs in Westminster approve British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal next week.

If MPs don’t approve her deal, Britain will leave on April 12.

Ms May had sought an extension until June 30.

‘Hope dies last’ – Europe reflects on Brexit shambles after Brussels summit (The Irish Times)

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16 thoughts on “‘We Are Prepared For The Worst But Hope For The Best’

        1. Giggidygoo

          Well, you know, May has weathered a lot of storms this past few months. You have to admire her as she is not a brexiteer, but is pushing for the will of the people to be done. (That’s what it seems like anyway, Though no one knows the wheeling and dealing that she and the EU are doing behind the scenes while possibly acting out some play in public for the public’s amusement.)
          It’ll be interesting to see how the proposed WA and proposed backstop texts are revised.

          1. SOQ

            May IS a brexiteer, and by the looks of it, a radical one too.

            Why is two posts on other topics this evening not being displayed half an hour later please?

          2. V for Frilly

            I know!
            Like She’s trying to achieve Brexit
            And tis the feckin Brexiters that are stopping her

            They wouldn’t have gotten this manky against Cameron
            Gove wouldn’t dream of opening his trap
            And Boris wouldn’t have stayed well clear

            That 12th April Deadline is solid I’d say
            Like these lads
            That actually work in the EU Parliament
            And the rest of us that live in the EU
            Have to be allowed get on with living and working here FFS

            Please just fUK off and give us a break

          3. realPolithicks

            The only thing may cares about at this point is not going down in history as the tory leader who oversaw the destruction of her own party, the notion that she is “pushing for the will of the people to be done” is long defunct. At this point she is busy trying to pull her own rear end out of the fire.

  1. Giggidygoo

    There used to be advertisements on TV years ago, on HTV cymru. For Albright beer I think. A pub that was doing really well, that it had to extend. The sequence of ads someone like this (a bit like what’s happening with brexit..)

    ‘ I declare this extension open’
    ‘I declare the extension on the extension open’
    ‘I declare the extension on the extension of the extension open’

    And that’s how it’ll probably go with the Brexit, until like those ads, it’ll be almost forgotten.

    1. V for Frilly


      I love when historical threads resurface
      It’s a great opportunity to go back and see some old faces

      And may be recognise some new ones too
      Fully Keen

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