UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove (above) has been touted to replace Theresa May as a possible ‘caretaker PM’

The Thing from Planet Gove

Its handshake is that of a slightly disreputable funeral director.
Its eyes those of an opinionated alligator
that sometimes reviews opera for the London Times.
Its mind is a free trade slaughterhouse, busy
making mincemeat, as cleanly as possible,
of other people’s children, bony old parents
and the occasional small business person
who was just wrong place, wrong century.

But its regular appearances on TV impress
the sort of people who have sexual relations
with their cars. Or their neighbours
cars. The female it dreams of is
Rupert Murdoch’s more withered sister
who lets it stand on its tippy-toes in a tutu
inherited from a former grandmother
who was briefly a dowager Duchess
until the unfortunate headlines
made her true position undeniable.

And it is written in Scripture
that at a time such as this
a thing such as this
would ascend to Earth and give us –
leaving god aside for the minute –
proof of Satan’s existence.

Kevin Higgins

Michael Gove’s allies scheme to parachute their man into No 10 (The Times)

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8 thoughts on “Rum Gove

  1. realPolithicks

    Replacing a clown with a buffoon seems like the right way to go, what could possibly go wrong.

  2. martco

    I didn’t manage to crack that whole dowager duchess thing in the end, anyone help a thick here?

  3. Truth in the News

    In the end they will have to move Mrs Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (Windsor-Mountbatten)
    into Number 10, Micheal Gove could then sit on her knee, she could then award him the Order
    of the Garther:

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