Positively Balmy


Stop that.

This afternoon.

Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2.





10 thoughts on “Positively Balmy

  1. Spud

    I like the way the more friskier of the couples have their identity concealed as they are clearly having an affair…

        1. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

          Never mind all that, how am I going to get these grass stains out of my jeans? *

          * I know, jeans at my age, I must look like the bovver boy in Dick Emery **

          ** I know, a Dick Emery reference to make things worse

  2. Spud

    Whoa, I just noticed that guy in pic 1 appears to be wearing a Kodac t-shirt.
    After reloading the page, a Kodac ad appears in BS on the right border?
    I never googled kodac or anything got to do with them?
    Is this some kind of new brand recognition software??

    Get outta my head guys!!!

  3. Pee Pee

    what the heck how is that second pic positively balmy please tell me because I am dyin to know

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