A Limerick A Day


The army needs to help cull wild deer, says independent Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae

In Kerry a climate of fear
Is gripping the Kingdom this year
And so Healy-Rae
Has thought of a way
To use soldiers to deal with the deer.

John Moynes

Pics: Rollingnews

8 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    Their numbers are out of control, and they pose real threats to Kerry farmers and land-owners. Some regard them as a pest on the landscape. But enough about the Healy-Raes.

    1. henry

      Maybe if it was more like in the UK where the animal is sold to local restaurants we might just have the management of wild deer creating a more efficient system plus a business

      I often am quite amused that none of the shoots in Ireland can dispose of the game directly to restaurants

      Many times the carcasses are just dumped

      When we were in the UK we had a constant supply of pheasant partridge monkjack deer rabbit all supplied directly from the shoots licenced to sell the shot game and fully compliant to regulations
      We on the other hand import most of ours and by god the price you pay is often four times the price and the majority of shot game is dumped like garbage adding to our problems regarding waste

  2. Dr.Fart MD

    ya can’t take him seriously coz of everything he’s said before. there could be a deer problem, he could be just lookin after one friend, a personal errand, or it could be in his imagination. there’s no way to know. it’s a classic case of the TD who cried fairy forts

    1. Nigel

      “more and more we are seeing culls as a default reaction when even minor conflicts arise between people and other animals. Even stealing someone’s chips is crime enough for some to call for a cull of sea gulls. Casual statements about deer being ‘out of control’ or ‘dramatically increasing in number’ are based on no evidence since deer have never been counted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service due to years of chronic underfunding. Our wildlife is not vermin but rather an essential part of our heritage.”

      Culls are a bit like dredging rivers to solve flooding – quick, drastic, visible short-cut solutions favoured by some gombeen rural politicians against scientific and environmental advice that they are completely inappropriate and will possibly (almost certainly in the case of dredging) only make things even worse.

    2. Ian-O

      Yep, agreed.

      Seems like he just says something to get into the papers, where he will be criticized (because he seems to deliberately make these types of comments) and then can don the victims mantle mumbling about the Dublin meedja or something.

      And it works it would appear. You have to give it to him and the brother, they know their audience.

  3. Johnny

    They don’t put up a fight
    So let’s have a Purge night
    Now give that man a beer
    For its drunk drivers V deer

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