Gauntlet Thrown


Ex-CEO of FAI John Delaney and partner Emma English at the Aviva in 2015; tennis balls thrown onto the pitch at the Aviva Stadium on Tuesday night

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19 thoughts on “Gauntlet Thrown

    1. Ian-O

      There are people in Syria and Yemen who may understand how difficult this all is for John what with the drop in salary and the media being somewhat ‘mean’ to him, but we will never know…. :|

    1. George

      Probably because they bounce, you can through them and they are fairly cheap and easy to source.

    2. The Old Boy

      It’s a good idea, as these things go. You can’t be done for possession of an offensive weapon, they’re easily smuggled in, they’re easy to throw good distances, they’re “safe” missiles – you won’t injure someone if you hit them in the face, they’re relatively inexpensive and even one renders the pitch unplayable until they’ve all been gathered up.

  1. Dub Spot

    Tennis balls? What’s the significance? Surely throwing one-eared spacehoppers would be a better message.

    What’s with Emma English dressed as Napoleon? She’s no Brigitte Marie-Claude Trogneux-Macron.

  2. garthicus

    I thought I had heard it was something to do with the fact he has a tennis court at his home.

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