Their Lousiest Hour


A Paddy among the chaos.

Keano writes:

I returned to the madness of Parliament Square [Westminster, London] on ‘Brexit Day’ to witness, in this case, history not being made, as the UK was due to leave the EU on this day, March 29. Above is a flavor of some of that day featuring multiple protests by different groups…

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A Limerick A Day

9 thoughts on “Their Lousiest Hour

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Seeing the leavers swilling Belgian lager was a nice show of solidarity with their fellow Europeans.

      1. milk teeth

        No Stella in Britain is brewed in Britain and is terrible. A good allegory for their future post brexit really.

  1. Martin

    Can’t help but notice the much, much older demographics of the pro-Brexit people when compared to the people’s vote march

  2. Kolmo

    Wrap a turd in a flag and sell it to them, tell them “Brussels” is denying them the turd that they bought and they’ll want it even more..easy-peasy..oldest trick in the book…

  3. Tucker

    John Snow wasn’t wrong. Only spotted one person of colour, and a chubby old white guy was giving him grief.

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