Defensive Wall


From top: Ex-CEO of FAI John Delaney; a statement issued by the Ireland’s four provincial football associations about Mr Delaney; a statement released by Limerick FC about Mr Delaney; a tweet last night by Neil O’Riordan, of The Irish Sun

On March 29.

The four provincial football associations released a collective statement praising former CEO of the FAI John Delaney’s contribution to Irish football.

It followed Mr Delaney stepping down from his CEO role and being made executive vice-president of the Football Association of Ireland, days after a March 17 report in The Sunday Times revealed he gave a loan of €100,000 to the FAI in 2017.

Almost three weeks on since the story about the loan broke, the circumstances surrounding the loan are still being sought by Sport Ireland while Mr Delaney will appear before the Oireachtas sports committee next week.

On the same date as the statement from the provincial associations, March 29, the Dublin & District Schoolboys League also released a statement. The statements are very similar.

Then, on Tuesday, Limerick Football Club’s chairman Pat O’Sullivan released a statement expressing the club’s confidence in Mr Delaney.

Again, the Limerick FC statement was very similar to those of the provincial associations and the DDSL.

Last night, Waterford FC owner Lee Power released a statement praising Mr Delaney.

After Neil O’Riordan, of The Irish Sun, tweeted that the figures in the statement were incorrect, the club amended the statement.

Further to this…

You Boys In Green tweetz:

WOW. Passage in Limerick FC statement praising John Delaney is, word for word, the exact same as the original statement from the Provincial Councils. Is there a sample being send to leagues/clubs? All so so similar.

If any club or League has been contacted and asked to make a statement backing John Delaney and wish to contact us, please get in touch. DM here or email Total anonymity, of course.


At last night’s Under-17 European Championships draw at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, where there was a drinks reception and dinner – which members of the Oireachtas sports committee were invited to shortly after the loan story broke



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22 thoughts on “Defensive Wall

  1. rotide

    I’ve always thought Delaney was a bit of a slidhbhin (sleevin? sliveen?) and sort of par for the course FIFA dodgy, but in all this furore, I cannot for the life of me see any evidence of anything he’s actually done wrong?

    Sure, he got paid an obscene amount of money and somehow persuaded them to pay his rent, but is there any actual evidence of how he’s harmed football in the country ?

    1. Ron

      and the problem with the country is people like you who translate that same silly-pants thinking to your political choices and force us all to suffer because of your inability to use common sense and cop on. People like you with a vote are the ones that cause the real damage in this country.

      1. rotide

        I must have missed the part where John Delaney was democratically elected to government office.

      2. Dr.Fart MD

        spot on, Ron. If you look at any rotide comment, she is everything wrong with people in ireland. Will always retort back angrily and defend herself with insults like a cornered, desperate rat.

    2. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

      For me anyway
      What’s wrong
      Is actually not unique to the FAI

      It’s the failure of Directors to fulfill their principal obligations
      And remaining Independent and free from any Conflict of Interest
      So to ensure they are always making decisions in the best interest of the organisation

      And the absolute failure of them being called out on it
      And held equally responsible
      John Delaney was one of 11 directors
      10 others could have put an end to this Dominance a long time ago

      And as for the cash / working capital shortages
      They are ALL responsible for allowing that situation deteriorate to such a point that an employee had to loan them money to make payroll

      Deloittes Deloittes wherever ye are !!!!!

      1. rotide

        Something tells me that nobody is going to throw tennis balls on to a pitch because of corporate governance.

        So whats the actual beef?

        1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

          I get that
          But Governance, Transparency, Accurate and Transparent Financial Reporting, and overall Fitness Probity and Soundness is what should only occupy PAC and The Sports Council

          and where the eff are Deloittes?
          They signed off on all sortsa handsome stuff
          Not a bitta bother

    3. GiggidyGoo

      Do you really think this is about the effects on football rather than corporate governance and compliance with company law?

      1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

        There is a general apathy around the roles and responsibilities of a Director

        All the hoo haa is targeted at John Delaney
        Bit there are 10 other Directors equally responsible and answerable

        And there is no denying that

        Even if everyone chooses to ignore it

    1. eoin

      Sure the FAI has them all by the goalies. The top brass at FIFA and the FAI are like the Sun King, they have absolute discretion in how they decide the huge TV rights, ad income, sponsorship and political patronage cascades down to the grass roots. Who’s going to rock that boat.

      1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

        Shur’ who in PAC or anywhere else around Kildare Street is going to Rock the Boat

        And risk having local clubs and training camps and leagues wiped out or cancelled because Sport Ireland pull the FAIs grant money
        Who is going to risk the withdrawal of coaches and development officers going into schools?

        What club is going to risk their players being denied an international call up at underage level
        Or risk not having a scout being wined and dined

        Nothing will happen

      2. rotide

        Eoin, Who exactly do you think SHOULD decide tv rights and sponsorship if not the FAI?

  2. Catherine costelloein

    In June 2018 “Limerick players in limbo as wages not paid and told they were free to leave the club” “waiting on some sponsors cheques to be cleared” is at odds with Limerick praising JD in latest statement!! Copy and paste ?!!

  3. Catherine costelloe

    In June 2018 “Limerick players in limbo as wages not paid and told they were free to leave the club” “waiting on some sponsors cheques to be cleared” is at odds with Limerick praising JD in latest statement!! Copy and paste ?!!

  4. lilllambchop

    Maybe a full audit of the FAI books should be done going back to the year before he started. Maybe start of 2003?
    There have been extremely shading dealing going on and considering the professional Irish women’s team couldn’t get kit but they could afford to pay Delaney an exorbitant salary says it all. He should be kicked out of football altogether. FAI are a pack of gangsters in suits as far as I can see

    1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

      I think it’s more than financial tbh

      A Board and Council, along with senior staff managers COO, Finance Director etc – combined
      Was circa 70 individuals
      70 people saw nothing wrong with the manner Women Internationals were treated

      That’s a rot they were all complicit in

  5. eoin

    Has anyone tackled Deputy Kevin O’Keeffe about his acquisition of two tickets to last summer’s world cup final in Moscow. The tickets had a face value of €903 each (v. expensive I know, but these were the top tickets) which is what Kevin says he paid, but the value of the tickets on the secondary market at the time of the final was up to €90,000 each.

    Has anyone queried the transaction with SIPO? I don’t see the transaction noted against Deputy O’Keeffe’s Dail register and the difference between €90,000 and €903 is very significant indeed? Are there issues here with respect to the Criminal Justice (Corruption Offences) Act 2018?

    1. rotide

      Jesus christ on a bike, why are you still hammering on this utterly stupid point.

      Yer man paid face value for the tickets. Noone controls the secondary market, because you know, its a grey area. You sound like you are actually annoyed that the FAI didn’t tout the bloody tickets.

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