This afternoon.

Confirmation from the FAI that its representatives will appear before the joint Oireachtas committee on sport to explain anomalies in their accounts. TDs had given the association until midday today to confirm participation.


Noel Rock writes:

This paragraph (above) is worth noting – “some comments made by the FAI did not accurately reflect the Board’s level of awareness of the existence of the €100,000 issue in 2017.”


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7 thoughts on “Game On

  1. Kevin Higgins

    Game on ? Actually ….. there are (already) some people on the pitch …. they think it’s all over ….

  2. eoin

    Where’s the list of FAI attendees referred to in the opening para of the FAI letter.

    As John Delaney is no longer on the board (he’s resigned according to CRO), but remains at a senior level in the FAI, could the Board be referring to John Delaney himself when they refer to the *FAI* providing statements which are at odds with the understanding of the *current* board?

    1. Blonto

      Definitely sounds like they are distancing the board from some statements. Is someone going under a bus???

  3. topsy

    In all reasonableness, why would an organisation with a multimillion budget ask it’s CEO for a loan of €100k. Somthing strange afoot.

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