Will He Or Won’t He?


Former CEO of the Football Association of Ireland John Delaney


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 ‘The FAI Letter Did Not Sufficiently Explain The Circumstances Of This Loan’

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8 thoughts on “Will He Or Won’t He?

  1. Iwerzon

    Or, he will and will use the old “there is an internal investigation into that and I wouldn’t like to compromise the outcome by commenting!”

  2. realPolithicks

    If he refuses to appear then all public funding of fai should be halted until he (and the rest of his cronies on the board) are gone.

  3. Kevin Higgins

    It is one of the quirks of life that the current President of the FAI has been a friend for almost four decades. He has been for a very long time one of those on muddy grounds in all weathers coaching and encouraging kids on his own time and on his own dollar. The ascent through the ranks of the Board does indeed operate a Buggins’ Turn approach in respect of elective positions. But it does not automatically follow that in every case, individuals who have risen have lacked merit. It pains me that Donal Conway should have his genuine commitment and work over decades pissed on by association with the Delaney jackass.

    1. realPolithicks

      I don’t doubt what you have to say about your friend, but if he has been on the fai board while all this nonsense with delaney has been going on(and did nothing to prevent it) then he is just as culpable as any of them.

  4. eoin

    Truth be told, John Delaney should be irrelevant to the answers sought by the Oireachtas. The Board is responsible for the accounts which omitted any mention of a loan; the Board is responsible for the remuneration of the CEO including the €3k/mth rent. The Board can answer questions about their experience at corporate governance and why they don’t have more commercial nous. The Board can explain why they’ve been there for so long without rotation.

    There’s so much wrong with international football but the Oireachtas sports committee is only concerned with the grants paid, which is a small (10%) part of the FAI’s operations (income).

    Wasn’t Sport Ireland supposed to have given the FAI a deadline of today to properly explain the circs of the €100k loan and why it was omitted from the accounts?

    1. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

      Just to be clear
      It was a “wash” within the Accounts
      What’s missing is a detailed note disclosing that there was a short-term loan from an employee/ director to the Association within the reporting period, and confirmation from the external auditors that they have been satisfied to the explanations n’ what have ya

      What is missing from the Accounts and required disclosures is the full payroll cost of their highest paid employee.

      Deloittes Deloittes wherever you are!!!!

      There is nothing PAC can get Delaney for
      10 other Directors are equally responsible
      And they along with everyone else can rightly point to Deloittes and say
      We’re not accountants or auditors
      Deloittes are one of the biggest firms in the world
      They said t’was all grand – here’s their Unqualified Audit Report to prove it
      We relied on their expertise and competence in these matters

  5. Birdie

    It’s probably been said before and I’m very late to the game… but Delaney looks very like Jay Cartwright.

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