We Are Noteworthy, We Are Noteworthy


This morning.

The launch of Noteworthy from journalist Ken Foxe, the people behind The Journal and supported by the Google’s Digital News Innovation Fund.

To wit:

Noteworthy is a platform to help fund the type of in-depth journalism that the public wants to see. Our model is simple:

You tell us what you want to see investigated.

We use those ideas to create proposals and figure out how best to tell these stories.

We come back and look for community support in funding these projects.


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10 thoughts on “We Are Noteworthy, We Are Noteworthy

  1. class wario

    I hope they investigate the chemtrails being pumped into our skies by George Soros and the unicorn lobby, funded by big pharma and the FAI

    1. Ian-O

      Those self same chemtrails caused my hangover on Sunday Morning!

      There I was drinking a few pints on a Saturday night, I am sure a plane passed overheard during the night and I wake up dying with the thirst, pounding headache and craving a fry.

      It’s a conspiracy I tell ya.

  2. Skeptic

    A novel idea but I will be shocked if it works.

    Firstly, you’re asking the public to fund stories that, if the public are suggesting them, then they’re already in the public domain. Are The Journal Team better off investing in stories that are still under the rug, which you’d imagine are plentiful in this country? A recent example is the John Delaney loan, which has opened up a major can of worms. As a daily reader of The Journal, I can’t remember one instance where they themselves opened a public can of worms that met the needs of the people.

    Secondly, do people really want to contribute to en masse to investigative journalism that they can get for free in other media publications, or through their license fee on Prime Time etc?

    And thirdly, does anyone really trust The Journal to deliver on people’s hard earned money?

    1. Jeffrey

      TheJournal being involved for me is the show stopper. Like said above they dont do investigating journalism but merely report RTE News content with maybe twice the amount of words. Plus their comment section is still open and despicable!

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    If they’re looking for suggestions from their Journal.ie readership, the questions will be along the lines of “How easy is it to rid our island of darkies and quares?”

    1. Joe Small

      That’s not actually entirely accurate/ I saw one story of late relating to my work and virtually all the comment could be described as “left wing” or “left of centre”. Its certainly populist anyway.

  4. johnny

    Good luck Ken-keep those Kylie letters coming, did she respond, are they still in touch or are the rumors about a restraining order just politics:)

  5. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

    How can it not be a good Idea

    The amount of whinging here alone about the lack of Independent Investigative Journalism would turn a stampeding herd of cattle

    If you want quality journalism and quality ‘Big Reads’
    Put yere money where yere mouth is

    I wish Ken FOI Man Foxe the very best with it


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