Comedian Oliver Callan and Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy

For decades, Dublin has been hailed as a low-rise capital that protects its historical skyline – until [Housing Minister Eoghan] Murphy said high-rise was needed to solve the housing shortage and would encourage more apartment developments.

So far, the only tower approved for planning under his new laws is Johnny Ronan’s 22-story office block and hotel.

It will be the tallest building in Ireland but won’t provide a single home for anyone.

…In 2017, over four million square feet of office space was built in the capital, enough for 25,000 extra workers.

But during the same ­period, just over 3,500 new housing units were built to house them. Basic math reveals the problem.

…Government policy on social housing is abysmal — last year in Dublin there were just 74 social housing units built, 69 of which were “modular” homes, basically prefabs. That leaves just five proper houses built in 12 months.


Our housing crisis was created by design and the Government, led by disastrous Eoghan Murphy, is refusing to solve it (Oliver Callan, The Irish Sun)

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34 thoughts on “Basic Maths

  1. LeopoldGloom

    There’s are an absolute heap load of 6-10 floor office blocks being built. Tripling that, and building up would free up so much land, make so much green space available too that the city would be a far better place.

    1. Anomanomanom

      Explain how. Because as we can see, If you allow high rise it just means offices get built, so the freed up land is not used as no houses are built or more hotel/office blocks are built on the land

      1. Dr_Chimp

        The Docklands SDZ prescribes a commercial to residential mix of 50/50 once fully built out. Offices, to date, are more viable options from an economic point of view which is why they’re being built first.

        That article was the biggest load of manure. Full of contradiction and no practical solutions offered. Fodder for the thick.

    1. Ian-O

      I know, but if it takes them or even (God help us) The Daily Sport to get these sort of messages out into the general public I’ll hold my nose and take it.

      Murphy is clearly completely out of his depth. But if you really want to know what is going on, watch where he, Leo and Harris end up. I have a feeling all will be either in the EU or on boards, either of REITs or pharma in a few scant years.

      Luckily, we are no longer solely beholden to the spin coming out of RTE as much as we used to and sites like this help people to see what is really going on – The Indo and RTE would like us all to focus on ‘Dancing with the nobodies in RTE’ and similar but slowly, very slowly, people are waking up. How they will act is uncertain but now that Leo and Harris have been shown up for the lies over stuff like the cervical check bull and when we see the sad little boy Murphy melt as soon real pressure is put on them, hopefully they will recognize the absolute lack of even the most basic humanity of these utter clowns and start to vote with more intelligence. Having said that, all the horrors of places like the Magdalene launderies took place because Irish people do seem to have a thing about making sure they are OK and then tend to deliberately ignore the plight of others. A few quid in the Trocaire box soothes out their guilt, just like they were thought. Seems you can still buy the auld indulgences it seems, Martin Luther was right on that.

    2. Andrew

      Yes really.
      I have to laugh at people sneering at certain newspapers but if it was printed elsewhere,-no problem.
      What difference does it make who runs the story?
      Elitist nonsense.

          1. Paulus

            Bremner could be a two or three-trick pony:
            Callan has a much broader range and has absolutely nailed;

            Marian Finucan.
            Leo V.
            Theresa May!!
            Bryan Dobson
            Pascal Sheehy
            Boris J and Moggy
            The Donald
            Mick Wallace
            and, best of all, Pascal D.

            and that’s based on just a few recent shows

          2. Spaghetti Hoop

            Does it not put you off when a comedian is so blatantly a chancer? Bremner, Callan, Hugh Dennis, Ed Byrne, Andy Parsons etc.

        1. Paulus

          Well they’re all chancers, and comedy can be subjective, but I have a simple yardstick:
          If they make me giggle then they’re grand.

  2. b

    “It will be the tallest building in Ireland but won’t provide a single home for anyone.”

    nor, should it. It’s right in the middle of the city center and beside a transport hub. It’s efficient use of land that should be continued elsewhere and allow more housing units to be built.

  3. Dr.Fart MD

    this is all a result of FG policy. Leave it to the private market. So anything that happens, in privacy the FG heads would say to each other “well it’s not our fault, thats the market” .. and that’s not what a society needs, what it needs is a government to govern it, not just leave everything up to private markets.

    1. Dr_Chimp

      The free market can deliver the vast majority of what we need from a housing point of view. The numbers just don’t stack up unless you’re building capitol dock, Hanover Quay or Marianella. Land prices and levies are far too expensive…and the land price isn’t helped by the bureaucratic planning system

      GREATER DENSITY WILL SAVE THE DAY. The skyline is rotten and in no need of preserving. If you want people to own/rent a home at a price they can afford in a desirable location near their work you have to intensify the density and sacrifice the skyline

  4. Col

    Callan helps keep my blood pressure down. Sometimes I feel he is the only person in the meeja pointing out how ridiculous government policy is (particularly Murphy’s repeated failures).

      1. Col

        I used to think that, but I listened to his recent radio show (Callan’s Kicks) and it’s really quite good. Or at least many of the episodes are. It’s decent, angry satire.
        Worth a listen.

        Also, I think he’s gay, so probably doesn’t have a wife at all.

      2. Spaghetti Hoop

        Alright, HUSBAND then.
        We need more laughter in this world so if Callan does it for you then so be it.

    1. Dr_Chimp

      Yeah he’s pointing put how ridiculous things are and not telling anyone how to fix it. Because he doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about.

      How to get “reads” and “clicks” at the moment requires nothing more than a few characters/themes: greedy landlord/builder, capitalism, government, wealthy people, homeless, silicon valley tech and “they pay no tax”. A monkey could fill in the blanks and write you a story.

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