Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?


Former Taoiseach Enda Kenny (centre) with Kieran McLoughlin (left) and John Fitzpatrick of the Ireland Funds at a gala in Washington DC in 2017

Enda Kenny will be the chairman of an advisory council for a private equity group that will invest in Ireland.

The announcement was made in recent days by Kieran McLoughlin, who was previously president and chief executive of The Ireland Funds, a philanthropic organisation

Enda Kenny to be adviser to private equity group that will invest in Ireland (Irish Times)


Last year, Mr McLoughlin left the €569,573-a-year post after an audit prompted by the alleged embezzlement of up to $1 million in the Ireland Funds’ Dallas offfice was critical of his governance of the funds.  Mr McLoughlin said a review of the matter “crystallised” his decision to leave.

Good times.

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Pic: Ireland Funds

7 thoughts on “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    “Mr Kenny led Ireland through the global financial crisis and played a leading role in promoting the country’s attractiveness to foreign investment during this very difficult period,” the website says.
    yea, he made ireland very attractive to foreign investment, pretty much pulled our pants down and left the door open. “one at a time lads. do what you want.” this new job must be a part of the kick-back for completely selling off the country for peanuts.

    1. Ian-O

      Yep, I keep saying this – this is the new ‘brown envelope’ for the digital age.

      Where does Mary Harney work now? Where is Brian Hayes off to?

      Have a look at other ex-pols and where they have taken up roles.

      Because let’s face, why the fupp else would you want a mumbling primary school teacher advising you unless its part of some quid pro quo arrangement?

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