Extreme Woodburning


Brad Russell and the rather beautiful results of an extremely dangerous practice – connecting the 2000V transformer from a microwave oven to sheets of wood painted with sodium bicarbonate: tree-like electrical discharge patterns known as Lichtenberg figures which he then overlays, fills, colours and varnishes into art pieces.


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3 thoughts on “Extreme Woodburning

  1. Jeffrey

    This practice is extremely dangerous and has caused a few deaths already, please dont promote it! Just google news “Lichtenberg wood danger”

    1. Mickey Twopints

      Seconded. Uninformed practitioners following YouTube videos on how to do this with the transformer from a microwave oven are dicing with instant death. A 2000 Volt supply takes no prisoners.

      This is no different to promoting Russian Roulette.

    2. Pat

      But they are not promoting it. They are saying it’s extremely dangerous. Calm down grandmas

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