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  1. No Teeth Keith

    The Tories face annihilation at the European and local elections next month.
    And a total wipeout at the next general election.
    Welcome back then to Nigel Farage – 65,000 members of his new Brexit party, £750,000 in donations swelling the coffers and already steaming up the opinion polls despite only being launched this week.
    British politics has been changed forever by the Tories shambolic failure to deliver Brexit and Farage has them quaking in their boots.
    It”s like Groundhog Day and this one will run and run.
    Good times.

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Don’t be so mean – they just want the Empire back – what’s not to love about that?

    1. eoin

      So the DUP intransigence will lead to a general election where Corbyn will be prime minister with a majority bolstered by the Scottish Nationalist Party. And no Assembly still in Northern Ireland.

      Looks like we’ll have an Independence referendum in Scotland and a Border Poll in Ireland by the end of 2019. A reunified Ireland by Christmas.

      And before that, we’ll have an Irish Language Act, Abortion, Gay Marriage, reform of Defamation Laws, reform of Blasphemy Laws and a few other reforms to bring Northern Ireland out of its backwater.

      Thank you DUP, you’re the best.

      1. bisted

        …hope your analysis is right Eoin…the irony is that all you forecast would have come about (and quicker) in the event of a ‘no deal’…so…double thanks DUP…

    2. SOQ

      More importantly- Is it possible that in the north, for the first time ever, the majority of people will vote along lines other than nationalism? If so, that will be a truly historic moment.

      It is solidly remain after all and the DUP are not. The Alliance Party will be the big winners in that sort of scenario, because the UUP are also in the leave camp.

      1. Nigel

        I’m impressed, though. First time I’ve heard of a rat trying to get back on board a sinking ship.

  2. eoin

    So John Delaney is losing another of his three jobs because he’s out of the FAI having lost the confidence of the Board, players, supporters, the government.

    At least he still has the loss-making furniture business in Tipperary and the debt-embattled property development company.

    But what is this, he’s keeping the most lucrative football role, at UEFA. And I bet the €120,000 “fee” will increase substantially. How can he parachute into the most lucrative of international football roles when he is a disgrace at home?

    1. martco

      “How can he parachute into the most lucrative of international football roles when he is a disgrace at home?”

      you’re kidding, right?

      it’s his raison d’être

      he’ll slide very nicely up that particular greasy pole or the other ones at FIFA or IOC “families”

      perfect candidate mix of Arfur Daly business acumen.

  3. eoin

    You’re missing the Sunday Times frontpage (at 7.30am Sunday).

    Their lead story is about John Delaney’s €40,000 spending on his FAI credit card in the last six months of 2016.

    “he used the FAI credit card to pay for duty-free purchases at airports, meals in his local pub in Wicklow and to make cash withdrawals of more than €6,000 in six months. Purchases on Delaney’s FAI credit card included €400 at a Hilfiger store, more than €500 on two visits to an executive dry-cleaning outfit, and a €226 bill from [shirtmaker] Thomas Pink”

    This comes on top of his €360,000 salary, €3,000/mth rent and what else? Is this the sort of person we want at UEFA?

    1. eoin

      The Sunday Times is really going to town on the €40,000 credit card bill, detailing every steak dinner and a €66.74 purchase at Michael Healy-Rae’s filling station. Someone at the FAI really doesn’t like John! But that appeared to the case anyway when the revelations of the loan and rental accommodation were drip-dripped across the press (Mark Tighe’s Sunday Times).

      If he hadn’t told friends yesterday he was stepping down from the FAI (but clinging onto his role at UEFA which will no doubt expand), then the credit card story today would drive him over the edge.

      The next interesting policy issue is, what do you do with supranational organisations like FIFA, UEFA or indeed the European Broadcasting Union (which is arranging the Eurovision in Israel next month)? They’re effectively accountable to no-one.

      1. Keane of Thrones

        And still nothing
        Not a peep
        Out’ve Deloittes

        That type of credit card activity would most definitely suggest a solid ground for concern – possible misuse of the association’s funds, or at the very least, using high rate credit card finance to provide working capital / day-to-day cash flow

        Enough to be a mention in their post- audit letter to the Board, and an item at their meeting to sign off

        So it kinda has me wondering who the is the Sunday Times source

        It’s as obvious as púc now
        That the FAIs finance department was a joke
        And the Board didn’t give a hoot

        John Delaney ran the place like a family business
        Yet Deloittes found nothing untoward

        If I conducted my practice like that I’d be wiped out
        And if the board I chair was as wishy washy about the competence of their financial reports I’d never hear the end of it

        I’d say there must be great craic in there at the moment
        Between Grant Thornton’s crowd and Deloittes

        I said this already I know
        But tis worth saying it again
        Deloittes – as with any external Audit Report,
        When it’s signed off
        Provide a confirmation that they got access to all the records, satisfactory responses to their queries, and that accounts were kept in an orderly manner.

        Clearly they didn’t look or ask
        Or they turned a blind eye

        From what I’ve learned over the past fortnight or so
        It seems to me that Going Concern needs to be talked about.

        I still can’t believe Deloittes have gotten off so lightly with that 2017 Audit Report

        1. GiggidyGoo

          If one person is at it, and the rest of the board haven’t been flying red flags, that suggests to me that there may be more than one company credit card being flexed, or other things being written off/expensed or whatever. There may be a lot more than Delaney’ tribulations to come out of this.
          I see there’s a call in cork for the stand named after his da to be boycotted. Wasn’t he something to do with finance in the FAI?

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Delaney should be dumped out of anything to do with soccer in this country. No role whatsoever. Somehow he’s a director of the Aviva Stadium itself.
      Remember Thierry Henry’s double hand ball? Remember Blatter making fun at Ireland’s expense, but followed later by ‘we will do something special for Ireland’?

      Well, if we can get to a stage where Delaney is dumped completely, then that ‘something special’ should be called in.

      The Healy Rae’s can give him a job driving a digger perhaps

      1. eoin

        €40,000 credit card bill for six months, which includes thousands in cash withdrawals?

        No wonder the FAI need the early draw-downs of state funding from Sport Ireland. And no wonder the FAI needed a €100,000 loan in April 2017; did 20% of the loan go to paying John Delaney’s credit card bill. All at the same time women players had to use toilets to change.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          I trust Revenue will go through these matters with a fine tooth comb. As well as his ‘ex’s ‘ lawyers

        2. Keane of Thrones

          With my Financial Controller hat on
          The draw downs of cash is very worrying
          And this is an activity that value shouldn’t be the main talking point

          Cash for what – for who
          How often
          How was it recorded

          Why not take IOUs from petty cash

          This level of employee should cover out of pockets themselves, and be reimbursed

          An Executive Director should complete an expense claim, vouched ( receipts etc)
          Have it approved by two Directors – ideally including the Treasurer
          Submit it to Finance
          And have it reimbursed thru payroll
          And timely and as expeditiously as possible

          Watch now
          Delaney is going to end up being barred from acting as a Director
          Cause if he was, and this applies to all the other Directors too btw, not managing expense claims appropriately, accurately and transparently,
          Then they are all in a whole hape of trouble

          Revenue and CAB are licking their lips I’d say
          But they’ll all wait till GTz are done

        3. kellMA

          It is bananas. I have a company credit card and if i took cash out on it, it would melt… and id be marched out the door pretty pronto. All my expenditure has to be followed up with receipts submitted within 14 days of the transaction. The only time I have ever used cash was at the christmas markets a few years back but that was my own cash and i claimed it back.

      2. rasta man

        Hands of Healy Rae
        Without them rural Ireland would have nothing
        They would even move relocate every half decent road to the power house of the economy

      3. rotide

        “Remember Thierry Henry’s double hand ball? Remember Blatter making fun at Ireland’s expense, but followed later by ‘we will do something special for Ireland’?”

        Yes I do. Clearly you don’t.

        You clearly don’t remember the 6m euro payout for it either.

    3. rotide

      ” Is this the sort of person we want at UEFA?”

      Why do you think ‘we’ have any say in UEFA at all?

  4. eoin

    Poor Gerald Kean, not having a good 2019. First, he’s booted out of his old offices for not paying his rent. And now, according to the Sunday Business Post, he’s being sued by the Revenue Commissioners. How the mighty have fallen. In fairness to him, he did tell the truth to the Charleton Tribunal last year, but can he bounce back from what looks like a series of financial difficulties.

    1. Keane of Thrones

      He’ll get handed a few NEDs paying upwards of 60k
      And that’ll see him out

      Didn’t know about him leaving Fitz Square
      Although I did wonder how it was that I hadn’t seen him about

        1. Keane of Thrones

          Ah no

          Working now under the yoke that is The Insolvency Act is a daily reminder that I don’t have the patience and discipline to be a Solicitor

          I test Bankruptcy and HC Insolvency far too much as it is

          I’m too much of a maverick for the law

    2. Dub Spot

      RTE will give him a gig on the next season’s DWTS. He’s well got.

      Plus, the panto season offers will be made soon.

      His ex-wife is a hard-working legal type. I wonder how this is going down over the claret down the dining at the Inn’s…

  5. eoin

    Depressingly little in the Sunday papers about Julian Assange, Sunday press is supposed to give the big picture of the week’s events.

    Guardian reports 70 British MPs have written to the minister overseeing Julian’s extradition asking that the Swedish sex crime allegations take precedence over the US hacking allegations. That seems fair.

  6. Catherine costelloe

    Michael Healey -Rae will regret slobbering over John Delaney this week! Dribbled an own goal.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Surely Healey Rae can’t be bought?. Spend €66.74 at a filling station and get a recommendation? Green Shield stamps too?

    2. Toe Up

      Will he though? He couldn’t really be seen as more of a gombeen man outside of Kerry and he would appear to be bulletproof in the kingdom.

      1. Catherine costelloe

        Michael Healy-Rae at the Oireachtas committee, “Mr Delaney will be most welcome to Kerry. He would get what I would call the mother of all welcomes”. It’s rather hilarious in the circumstances…..perhaps Michael can give Delaney a job driving one of his diggers !

        1. martco

          :) I assure you the nearest our international-class Arfur Daly will get to diggers is when he’s at press launches opening new future stadiums & facilities!
          for the moment John will be busy working for Platini & later sliding up the poles at either FIFA or IOC.

          the only thing I wonder about is how many tix for the CL final Healy-Rae manages to get his hands on

    1. SOQ

      Surely this is because the phone is linked to an email account? Otherwise how would they have any other personal details of the user?

      You can also knock off the location history and delete your data at myactivity.google.com as I expect they are obliged to permanently remove upon request. Oh, and never use gmail of course.

      Either way it is a quite patchy and not very reliable information for authorities to be arresting people on. As pointed out, all it would take is someone else to log into gmail once to throw it off.


  7. Dub Spot

    Stephen Roche? Did he spend all the money from the Calvita ads already? Budapest? Get’s madder, Ted.

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