20 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Keane of Thrones

    Fair rhymes with sucks t’ Tiger

    A reminder that’s there’s always a bitta’ve race left in an oul’ dog

    Never throw in the towel ’till you’ve sum’ting better t’ be doing with yer time

    1. rotide

      I’d say the strippers and cocktail waitresses of Atlanta are looking forward to a hell of a time tonight

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Tracker mortgage rip off stopped. Bank of Ireland find new way of stuffing their coffers. Issue fake currency. What next? Photo copies of notes?

    1. Junkface

      That’s a crazy story!! How did BOI manage to supply fake bank notes to a customer? What the hell is wrong with this bank? The stuff they get caught doing is mental

  3. eoin

    Is this a new tactic by the moneygrabbing pharma companies? Price their drugs at a level which means public health funded services can’t afford them.

    Then, sell their drugs to the private healthcare sector at a discount, sow discord with the public system to force the public system to fund the drugs for a far bigger population.

    Crafty! Are they still providing certain influencer oncologists with lavish holidays and more…..

    Good to know our brave media is up to these boyos and can challenge them and their “influencers”

  4. eoin

    Who owns Debenhams this morning?

    Mike Ashley? Some private equity fund?

    Nope, a group of lenders which includes our very own Bank of Ireland! Great credit checking boys, bonuses for everyone.

    1. eoin

      Mind you, as flathiulach as Bank of Ireland is, it appears to have walked away from the Investec sale. What does that tell you.

  5. eoin

    It’s all very entertaining this FAI stuff and the bottom line is, they’ll need a new board to oversee corporate governance, but the scale of Delaney’s expenses are hardly scandalous given his €360,000 salary, and all the argument about women changing in toilets applied before the loan business.

    Meantime, while the FAI is dominating the national discourse and it’s being cynically stoked by Leo and the other arch spoofer, Shane Ross, will anyone be held accountable for the far more serious scandalous cost overrun at the NCH?

    And where is the Siteserv report. Leo said in January, “I also extended the Commission’s timeframe until the end of March 2019.” It’s been ongoing for nearly four years at a cost of €30m, it’s been extended five times by Leo. All we wanted to know was, was the sale by Anglo of Siteserv to Denis O’Brien all above board.


  6. eoin

    Scandalous the British MPs are taking 11 days holiday over the Easter, with all the chaos over Brexit.

    And what about in Ireland? We’re still in a Brexit limbo, our health system is creaking all over, housing is a total mess, there are deep unresolved problems with policing and our communications minister is about to hand €3 billion over in a questionable broadband deal. Our TDs are off from this Thursday and return on……. 8 May 2019.

  7. blahblahblah

    “Millions bunk off work after last night’s (Game of Thrones)”
    Oh come on, I know its a rag but how could they possibly know that for sure at time of print?

  8. milk teeth

    Also if that paper covers Ireland and the UK then its scope is about 70 million people – so millions means 2 meaning one in 30 are bunking today?

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