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  1. Gabby

    The Irish eat too many imported vegetables. Organic farmers have shown that production of many interesting varieties of vegetables is possible in our climate. Irish farming needs to diversify.

      1. Gabby

        Millie:- FRENCH FRIED SPUDS can make you spud-shaped, an distinct impediment when dancing ceili or fox trot.The Chinese shred spuds and quickly stir fry in a delicious sauce. Now that’s the way to cultivate a dancing figure. And if you aspire to the breeding abilities of a rabbit, try lots of salad (with reduced mayonnaise) including young dandelion leaves.

    1. George

      I presume it is because there were not enough people surveyed. This will be a combination of the survey data collected at national level. Not all countries collect data on exactly the same things or from equivalent sample sizes.

  2. milk teeth

    “Ate vegetables at least once a day” – once a day? Who are the 16% who don’t hit that mark and what are they living off? I can see not getting your 5 a day, I rarely hit that, but not even one a day?! Are they just living off meat sandwiches?

        1. Nigel

          *slaps small intestine*
          This baby can hold up to fifty pounds of impacted semi-digested meat product before emergency surgery.

  3. Dub Spot

    Surely “Daily Vegetable Special Communications Unit Consumption”. Other than Tayto, deeply suspicious.

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