Web Summit founder Mr Cosgrave revealed on Monday that he was involved in running the Irish Tax Agency page, which had anonymously targeted ads at European users of Facebook.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for Facebook said “we do not allow pages that are misleading or deceptive on Facebook which is why we have removed the Irish Tax Agency page for violating our policies against impersonation”.

The ads contained the tagline “reduce your taxes on global revenue to 1 per cent”. Users are told that “companies have saved billions in tax by relocating to Ireland from high tax EU nations”.

Facebook removes Paddy Cosgrave’s tax campaign page (Irish Times)

8 thoughts on “Dude?

  1. eoin

    “Well that was weird @paddycosgrave invited me to his office for an interview and then asked me to leave before he had answered any questions.”

    You’ve been John-Delaneyed, Phil.

  2. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    I am firmly of the belief that Paddy Cosgrave is not entitled to wear a Morrissey-style hairdo, and that it should be taken from him. (Without the aid of scissors)

  3. eoin

    By the way, what’s the story with Paddy campaigning against Ireland’s tax arrangements, particularly the dodgy tax avoidance rules? Is this the social conscience of Paddy and that he wants all companies to pay a fair rate of tax, which is fair enough? Also, is Paddy connected with the anonymous British user on Wikipedia “Britishfinance” which has been editing the Wiki entry for the pages related to the Irish economy, the Irish Times reports “that user has made over 40,000 edits since last March, with a focus on Irish corporate tax, and the Irish economy.”

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      That doesn’t explain the messaging of his Facebook ads though. Is he highlighting tax avoidance in order to offer some sort of tax advice? Hard to know what’s driving this fella – profit or notoriety.

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