Who Bares Wins


Stop that.

Special Forces: Ultimate Hell week on RTÉ2

Fergus McCormack writes:

24 civilian recruits take part in a gruelling selection course designed by former members of Ireland’s elite Special Forces unit (“Ireland’s SAS”), the Army Ranger Wing (ARW). Welcome to Hell.


Ultimate Hell Week Begins Thursday, April 24 at 9.30pm on RTÉ2

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26 thoughts on “Who Bares Wins

  1. missred

    I don’t get why you’d be so masochistic as to sign up and be roared at by the SAS for a week, but oh boy am I glad I can see a few of those lot in their drawers…

      1. missred

        Mud wrestling in underwear I would say was your specialty (winning most bouts too) – an underrated sport.

        The abs on that fella in the front…

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          yeah until I got the metal bar down the right arm, no more wrestle for me, lost the nerve ( along with nerves in little finger ) :) :)

    1. missred

      Indeed, I have a scold’s bridle in the shed in case I cannot work my regular chastity belt. Just for emergencies

  2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    If I were to talk about women like this, there’d be WAR. Double standards 7rl blah blah ahh fupp off will yeh?

    1. missred

      Join us, Andy. Be an admirer of the telescope-peeper kind. You know you can’t resist it, for all the tea in Cork….

      1. Janet, I ate my avatar

        I read that as Andy cutting off moaning at the pass, a defender o the cause of you like

        1. missred

          I wish to see BB and Andy fight in the mud and see who’ll win. I need a good name for the event though. For the eventual film distribution

  3. Lar

    I did contemplate signing up for this show, but I’ve an 18 month old who makes for a similar environment come night time.

    But seriously, as a massive fan [specially the first series] of ‘SAS Who Dares Wins’ on C4, I didn’t think RTÉ would do it justice as a production. I hope I’m proved wrong.

  4. maidhci

    If the producers/RTE had any balls they would call the show “Na Fiannóglaigh”. Special forces my arse. The Tans were “Special Forces” in their time.

    1. Long time reader

      Check out ifi.ie brudda.

      That’s where you will find GOLD.
      The stuff they show, especially this month…

      I love that place.
      It’s an oasis.

    2. Praetorian.

      I agree totally…as an ex member of the DF,with five years ARW operations i can gaurantee the lads are cringing with that title…DF ops probably said no.
      Still looking forward to the show…the four lads are steller operators.

  5. Dub Spot

    Hmmm… that’s a a lot of blokes in their knickers.

    At least Putin kept his trews on.

    Where are the real special forces – Mná na hEireann?

  6. Truth in the News

    We should have a proper “Special Forces UInit” not this example, units that can build infrastructure
    and operate services, and its time this issue was tackled with the setting up of Oglaigh na hEeireann
    Engineering and Public Service Units and forget about sending the Army to protect the Israeli border.

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