Fancy a timepiece?

Three Rolex watches seized during a search operation by the Criminal Assets Bureau as part of Operation Thor targeting the assets and activities of a County Cork based organised crime gang.

Name those models, anyone?


A cash-stuffed sock among yesterday’s haul.

23 thoughts on “Psst

  1. martco

    yeah those watches are special edition Rolex, usually gifted to friends of the “Football Family”

    not sure how they got there but y’know organised crime gang

    1. lolly

      not really, Weirs would likely have both those date-justs in stock or ones very similar. the Sub a the top is harder to find but there are a few on Chrono 24 for under 10,000

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    The top one is a G16. God I love expensive watches. It’s a beatification of time itself.

    1. martco

      have a gander over to the bbc iplayer

      there’s a nice little part historical docu up there at moment by Nicholas Parsons (yes him, who happens to be a horology nut) all about this fella called Breguet & a famous watch called the Marie Antoinette, endearing

  3. lolly

    the top one is a Rolex submariner date two tone – reasonably respected but less so than stainless steel versions such as the green ‘hulk’ or ‘kermit’ models – I’m guessing it is a 16613 like this one which is on chron24 for $8719—16613–id9662789.htm
    the real rolex fan boys would always go with the steel versions.
    the other two are easy to obtain date-justs – the gold one could be worth up to 17,000, the other is likely around 6,000

  4. eoin

    Different times and wrong dates suggest these watches aren’t operational. Maybe they just need new batteries.

    I have a difficulty with these CAB raids. The drugs trade in Cork is massive and the alleged criminals targeted by the Gardai are accused of all sorts, fraud, burglaries, drug dealing. What was recovered yesterday is so tiny; the raids are really just PR exercises for the Gardai (was Garda Reynolds brought along in the back of a Garda SUV)?) which help conceal the pee-poor performance with crime and detection rates.

    1. Hans Wilsdorf

      Ah eoin, you’ve once again outed yourself as an uneducated plebian. Rolex are a mechanical watch, with some rare exceptions. If you owned a decent watch, you’d know this. In before “i just use my phone to tell the time”

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