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  1. Dub Spot

    “Event centre sod turning a mistake”. The Examiner pushing out the boat on investigative journalism again.

    1. eoin

      “The Tánaiste has repeatedly defended the sod turning, insisting it was a public statement by the key stakeholders of their commitment to the project. However, more than three years on, building work has yet to start”

      I think it’s a decent enough story, showing the government “turned the sod” on the proposed Cork events centre just before the general election in February 2016 and it looks as if it was a just cynical electioneering. The plebs see a politician “turning the sod” and they think that means there is certainty about a project. Turns out, at least with FG, that’s not the case.

    2. dav

      there seems to be a spate of anti examiner comments recently, they must have upset the blushirts somewhere..

  2. Speedy Gonzalez

    The sub-editor who set a main headline to look like centre sod is one word should be demoted.
    And the editor who allowed such a crap headline to go to press should be fired.
    The Examiner is like an amateurish student rag these days.

  3. Speedy Gonzalez

    So the Westminster village returns from their Easter break today – to find Farage will dominate the headlines unveiling more EU election candidates for The Brexit Party.
    Followed by another publicity-grabbing rally on Wednesday.
    As they’ve been quaffing prosecco in the sun Farage has been diligently masterminding another subversive election campaign that will reap handsome rewards among the millions of disaffected Tory and Labour supporters.
    The usual morons on here will come out with the tired old racist,xenophobic insults ignoring the fact that Farage is building a populist,grass-roots movement that threatens the whole political system of the UK.
    And he’s doing it while the vast majority of MPs happily ignore the wishes of their constituents who put them where they are in the first place.
    They are in for a seismic shock.

    1. SOQ

      The country is split 50/50 on this issue and even within the half that want to leave, they can’t agree on what that means. Farage is a one tick pony with some very wealthy backers and a goal of having as many MEP’s to agitate as possible.

      If you want to see a real grass roots movement then look at Led By Donkeys (@ByDonkeys).

          1. bisted

            …that was the case though…the outcome of a direct democratic vote which should have been implemented by the representative democratically elected government…it hasn’t been and now ‘no deal’ becomes closest to what the electorate called for…speculation that opinions may have changed remains just that…speculation…

          2. Mickey Twopints

            Can you think of a good way to determine the current view of the electorate, and remove cause for ambiguity and speculation?

          3. Nigel

            Except everything that’s happened since then shows how fatally ambiguous it actually was.

    2. eoin

      ” the Westminster village returns from their Easter break today”

      The Leinster House village returns from their Easter break on 8 May 2019.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    Varadkar is some twit. He made a big show of not going over to Bono in the Dail last week, only to have dinner with Clooney at the weekend. Using his position to get to meet his heroes of stage and screen.Sad little fellow.
    And here he is trying to cause Coveney trouble. Hope Coveney tells him to Sod Off.
    Then he spreads the responsibility to JosephA who will continue to make a Joe B of it. Hows the Ulster and KBC banks getting ?on with her?

    1. Mickey Twopints

      I have little time for Varadkar, and there’s no shortage of justifiable criticism to be directed at him. Who he has dinner with in his personal time isn’t grounds for criticism or comment, unless there’s a genuine question in the public interest, rather than just gossip.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        It is, if he has used his position of Taoiseach to gain an audience with celebrities. Unless he and Clooney and Kylie were old school mates. But he did use his position and Taoiseach headed notepaper for the Kylie one, so it stands to reason that he did similar for Georgie boy.

        This is preparation for Leo’s own election campaign. Nothing else.

  5. eoin

    Not very bright, electric scooter owners.

    “The law says that we need insurance and we need a driving licence but they also know that we can’t get this and they seize the vehicle. At the moment they are in the right to do it. That is their job”

    Noel Rock, a one-termer TD if ever there was one, is trying to climb on another bandwagon by claiming “I felt it inevitable that different gardaí would interpret the law differently, it’s very, very unclear. ”

    Seems Gardai are 100% consistent in apply the law, you need insurance and a driving licence to use an e-scooter, otherwise, they seize the e-scooter and fine you €125. And they’ve seized several, at least four, in Dublin in the past week.

    Times Ireland reports today in what is the skimpiest edition I’ve ever seen, maybe they’re all on holiday still.

    1. Mickey Twopints

      There’s nothing new or “unclear” here. The law is unambiguous – mechanically propelled vehicles (other than electric bicycles which meet strictly defined criteria under EU regulation) require registration, road tax, insurance, and an appropriate driver licence.

      Deputy Rock would know this if he spent 10 minutes with a search engine.

    2. ReproBertie

      “Noel Rock, a one-termer TD if ever there was one”
      This is not the first time comments like this have been made so I ask again who’s going to take his seat? In 2016 he was in a dog fight with McAuliffe (FF) for the last seat (overtaking him on transfers on the 9th count) so do you think that’ll switch? SF’s Dessie Ellis is usually safe and Roisín Shorthall’s SD seat may get through on her name alone leaving FF/FG and Labour fighting for the final seat. There’s no clear swing toward FF or Labour to suggest he’ll be out of the race at all.

  6. eoin

    That was some statement by friends of Lyra McKee yesterday in Derry, daubing the wall and signs on Saoradh’s office with red hand prints, Saoradh has “blood on its hands” for its links to the killing of Lyra last Thursday, the full video is here


    The gormless hard men standing in front of the office didn’t have a clue what to do with a group of determined women peacefully making a statement.

    It will be some funeral tomorrow for Lyra in Belfast, with some mourners dressing up in superhero and Harry Potter costumes, a show of force by journalists and hopefully some political rapprochement amongst the DUP and SF which might get them around a table to restore local government at Stormont.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      A powerful statement. I think we are at the point that, once and for all, these ‘new’ paramilitaries are seen for what they stand for – and it’s not what the general population stand for.

      1. Nigel

        We’re at the point where the horror and rejection of the general populace yet again faiils to create a turning point because the complete lack of political governance will allow the problems which give rise to localised radical and violent activity to continue to fester and this will get worse and there will be more of it and I hope I am wrong.

  7. eoin

    A fortnight since the PwC report about the scandalous cost overrun at the National Childrens Hospital was published.

    Remember Leo saying the PwC report would make people accountable?

    “Taoiseach Leo Varadkar who confirmed a review of the rising costs by PWC will now probe if any individuals were responsible for the soaring costs.”

    A fortnight after the €450,000 review was published, who has been held accountable?

  8. eoin

    The Commission of Investigation for “Grace”, the child allegedly abused by her foster parents, has sought another extension says the Irish Examiner today.

    The Commission of Investigation for “IBRC” has already been extended by Leo five times, and he said he’d make a decision about the future of the Commission by the end of March. The Commission was established in 2015 and originally, Catherine Murphy wanted it to just examine the sale by IBRC of Siteserv to Denis O’Brien.

    The Commission of Investigation for “Nama” has already been extended twice and is now supposed to wrap up in June. It’s now taken nearly two years to re-examine a transaction that was previously examined in detail by the state’s auditor and the public accounts committee.

    It’s one thing allowing Commissions of Investigations to become substitutes for our elected representatives holding state employees accountable, it’s another thing when these Commissions of Investigation are being perpetually extended.

  9. eoin

    Anyone think there’s something fishy about the “$1bn ” catwalk rentals company setting up operations in Galway – 150 jobs to be created over three years reports RTE and others.

    It says it already has 11 million subscribers (who pay to hire expensive clothes, typically seen on a catwalk)

    “Members pay $89 (€79) a month for a maximum of four items while an unlimited option is available for $159 (€141).”

    And what is the revenue of this company? Massive you’d think, I mean 11 million by $89/mth (minimum) would be more than $1bn a year, right? It’s reported “estimated revenues of over $100 million”. Hopefully, this business isn’t like the handbag rental woman whose interest wasn’t in making a business, but in selling her story.

    1. Johnny

      What ever happened to the FG narrative that more evictions,foreclosures would lead to increased competition and reduced rates….

      ‘Irish non-bank lender, Dilosk DAC, has announced that it has successfully priced its third public bond issuance which is backed by its own originated Buy-to-Let performing Irish residential mortgages. The investor demand was particularly strong, and the deal was oversubscribed with approximately €700 million of investor demand for €215 million of bonds.’

      Now if only we can get rid of the locals,the Buy To Let market is getting repositioned….

      ‘New jobs in Ireland created by the U.K.’s coming exit from the European Union “means those coming from abroad are competing with domestic tenants,” McGrath said, citing banks including Barclays Plc that are hiring in the Irish capital. That means loans backed by high-end properties leased to financial professionals will be “more prevalent in the next deal” Dilosk arranges, McGrath said‘


      1. eoin

        “RMBS”? Residential Mortgage Backed Securties, Jebus, I haven’t heard much about them for more than a decade, when American banks were packaging up mortgages on those homes in Detroit and flogging them off. Who will forget wee Lateysha appearing on our TV screens telling us she knew she had no hope of paying back her mortgage.

        Dilosk/ICS has been a major mortgage lender in Ireland in the past couple of years, you’ll have heard its radio ads on RTE as it seeks business in the buy-to-let sector. Now, it’s packaging up the loans and issuing bonds on the back. What could go wrong this time?

        1. Johnny

          Oh la la…
          That was awfully nice of FG to allow buy to let owners (their voters after all) get debt forgiveness/write offs……

          ‘The key drivers for the portfolio’s expected loss of 12.0%, which is higher than the Irish residential mortgage- backed securities (“RMBS”) sector average, are as follows: (i) the collateral performance of the loans to date, as provided by the sponsor; (ii) restructured loans accounting for 42.4% of the portfolio; (iii) seasoning of the pool with a WA seasoning of 11 years; (iv) the current macroeconomic environment in Ireland; (v) the stable outlook that we have on Irish RMBS; and (vi) benchmarking with other comparable Irish RMBS transactions’

  10. Gabby

    When I turn on the radio and hear about Ministerial Announcements re. 150 new jobs in Galway or 2 weeks paid paternity leave for loving fathers – I realise that there are elections coming up on the horizon. After all these elections I’ll start hearing Announcements about another 20 post office closures, 70 jobs lost in Cork when a multinational transfers production to Asia, and a 3 cent levy on paper coffee cups – a sure indication that the elections are over.

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