14 thoughts on “In The Line Of Duty

  1. eoin

    Is that an Arnott’s bag Dearbhail McDonald is carrying there in the last pic? That pay-off from INM after she made bullying allegations against Fionnan Sheahan must have been good.

  2. Rob_G

    I’ve seen two (relatively innocuous) comments on the inanity of eoin’s observations on such a serious article removed – very curious.

    (disclaimer – one of them was my own. @eoin, I think you are paranoid, ill-informed, and most of all, a dreadful bore)

      1. Papi

        Here’s an idea “eoin’s observations!”, his own post, every day if necessary to do with as he likes. As it is now, he’s like a guy reading your newspaper over your shoulder on the bus and whispering in your ear.
        Plus, we can skip it if we don’t want to read it.


      2. Rob_G

        Fair enough, it’s your site.

        As Papi says, one can just skip it – which is increasingly the case, as I have mostly given up on the day’s papers posts, as it seems to be mostly eoin and giggidy conversing with themselves.

        1. Lilly

          I found Eoin’s snippet on Dearbhail McDonald’s bullying allegation against Fionnan Sheahan most interesting. Not at all surprising but very interesting. William Martin Murphy’s DNA can not be eradicated, it seems. Good on McDonald for taking them on.

  3. Catherine costelloe

    I’d support Dearbhail Mc Donald any day. She told Indo that they would be stark raving mad to run Paul Williams nasty , snidey piece on Maurice Mc Cabe and she seemed a very decent lady at the tribunal. More power to her elbow !

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