A Hand Up, Not A Handout


He’s running.


Ah here.

Joe Biden: A lot going for him but he’s carrying baggage (BBC)

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35 thoughts on “A Hand Up, Not A Handout

  1. Termagant

    I like Biden, I’d back him in 2020 if the DNC put him forward, even despite the fact that he’s not Tulsi

    But the contrast between “Trump is an evil rapist, a woman’s body is sacred, if someone said he did something then he definitely did #believewomen” and “Ah sure Joe’s just an aul lad from a different generation, anyone making claims is just exaggerating for political reasons” coming from America’s left is very tiresome.

    1. George

      What about the contrast between “it was just locker room talk and all of those women are lying about those sexual assaults” and “Biden is a pervert”?

      1. Termagant

        The Republicans aren’t sanctimonious about it. They’re not acting against one of their own self-extolled virtues.

          1. Termagant

            When the Republicans refute accusations, they’re defending their candidate. When they level accusations, they’re attacking the other candidate. It’s not a policy issue, it’s just a move.
            When they Democrats level accusations, they’re ostensibly taking a stand for civil rights and equality. When the Democrats refute accusations, they’re betraying a core party issue and apparently don’t see anything wrong with that.

          2. Nigel

            You’re right though in both cases you could have used ‘principals.’ One side, for all its flaws, has principals so such accusations matter. The other side has none, so nothing matters to them.

        1. Nigel

          Of course they’re not. I mean they’ve been the party of family and Christian values, the party of bible fundamentalism, pro-life, anti-gay, law and order, patriotism, military worshipping, liberals-and-atheists-and-Catholics-and-Muslims-are-all-doing-the-work-of-the-devil, but now they’re defending a serial liar, adulterer, financial cheat, draft-dodger with multiple accusations of sexual assault who had an entire fraudulent university and who has been shown to have sought aid from a foreign power that was interfering with their democratic process then tried to obstruct the investigation into that, so you could never accuse them of being sanctimonious unless it really suits them to be. Or of making cynical false equivalences and bad-faith accusations that only work because the other side has ethics while they clearly do not. And you buy it. Biden deserves to be called out but you’d have be some sort of sucker to genuinely think his and Trump’s cases were remotely alike.

          1. Termagant

            Why do you think they’re so dissimilar? Fundamentally women have come forward making claims against men and when it’s someone the Democrats don’t like they pitch it like their veracity is beyond question but when it’s their allfather figure they dismiss them out of hand.

    2. class wario

      it’s not ‘the left’ at all, it’s cloy centrist types who think the warmed up corpse of neoliberalism will definitely beat Trump *this time*.

      Both Trump and Biden are creeps (although I note a somewhat more supportive tone of Trump on BS nowadays)

      1. Big Barney

        I bow to you
        Saying everything I wanted to…*

        *…In fewer words.

        Nice one!

  2. frankie

    God help america with another of the usual put up by them
    The guys been accused of groping and just like Hilary wait till the election starts
    Maybe its time the democrats finally get it that america has rejected what they offer and they must start looking at themselves

    The best thing they can do is put forward Bernie Saunders and be done with it

    1. Nigel

      Apparently he has called her to apologise. On the eve if announcing his run. I really hope he loses the primary.

  3. bisted

    …lose:lose whoever wins in the evil empire…at least a lot of innocents are alive today that would have perished under crooked Hillary…

    1. Nigel

      Get used to it if Biden gets the nomination – wall to wall sexual groping and assault jokes from the party voting from a man with multiple accusations of sexual assault. A license for cheap nasty misogyny, and they will be treated seriously. But it’ll be something else ugly and disproportionate for whoever does win, no matter what.

  4. Big Barney

    The Dems don’t need Biden.
    They can win without him.
    My fear is that they might not win with him.

    Progression doesn’t come from retrogression.

    It isn’t working for the Big D.*
    Why should it work for anyone else?


  5. Big Barney

    Yeah but…
    …now is not the right time for nice guys in American politics….

    The girls are causing a storm.


    Go girls!

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