It’s All Gone Pear-Shaped




Who do all those legs, toned calf muscles, tense, firm buttockage and ‘bits’ belong to?


SuperValu ambassadors The Happy Pear and The Gut Health Doctor, aka Dr Megan Rossi, announcing that SuperValu is returning for a third year as official food partner of WellFest,  in Dublin’s Royal Hospital Kilmainham on May 11 and 12.

Can’t see them?

Happy now?

Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland

26 thoughts on “It’s All Gone Pear-Shaped

  1. Rob_G

    I’m sure they are nice people underneath it all, but the sight of that pair fill me with inchoate rage for some reason…

    1. Tony

      Ah don’t be hating Rob. I know them both and they are indeed very nice chaps. It’s just the hype you hate probably. Game, player, man, ball and all that.

      1. Rob_G

        You’re right, life is too short, and they are probably nice if you know them. Have tip-top evening, Tony

    2. postmanpat

      I feel the same way about that portly fellow from Bachelors Walk. He does TV food stuff too …and he’s in bits!

  2. kerryview

    Ahhhh Bodger. You must love apostrophes, but does the Supervalu ambassador really have something called ‘The Happy Pear’ ? I think we should be told.

    1. SOQ

      Vegetarian not vegan but despite wanting to, I just don’t like their products. Small portions and tastes like the sort of mush you would have got in The Well Fed Cafe in Temple Bar in the late eighties.

      Anyone else remember that place?

  3. Hiicksonian

    Was nearly poisened by their so called pesto. 0% pine nuts. Christ on a bike this pair know how to alter reality. But people seem to keep buying into their unreal epicurean armageddon. Urrrgh.

    1. martco

      the only one out of a jar worth a try is that Genovese one, proper made

      as for the lads there, they’re ok perhaps but morkeshing whores & I completely get where @Rob_G is coming from

      also their caff in Greystones is fairly disappointing

  4. Curated by Vanessa for Frilly Keane

    I’m waiting for the penny to drop with this pear

    I dunno
    Drunk driving
    Not paying their suppliers
    Mixing Dunnes Salsa with Ketchup and flogging it in toxic tubs with nuts, and stickers with no warning labels
    Going to mass
    Tipping their fag ash into the Ice Cream Machine
    Voting for Hermann

    Sum’tings definitely off

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