‘It’s Surprisingly Meaty’



This morning.

Nicki Labram writes:

Applegreen PLC is the first in Ireland to launch an Irish made ready to eat vegan sausage roll.

Launching today, appropriately on what has become known as ‘meatless Monday,’ Applegreen has started selling Irish made vegan sausage rolls in 78 of their Applegreen stores nationwide..

The exclusive recipe for the Applegreen vegan sausage roll is made with a delicious plant based blend of soyabean, chickpeas, herbs and spices wrapped in a flaky puff pastry. it’s surprisingly meaty! To support this, there is a special introductory price for the vegan sausage roll at only €1


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32 thoughts on “‘It’s Surprisingly Meaty’

  1. Mickey Twopints

    A prime marketing opportunity missed. They should serve it up with some lentil fritters and a glass of celery juice, and call it the Piers Morgan Happy Meal.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    That looks nice. Can I see a pic of what you actually receive from the petrol station, particularly after eight hours sitting in the warm tray with the jambons and spicy wedges?

  3. Charlie

    I live with a vegetarian. I’ve Never eaten anything that she brings home that “tastes surprisingly meaty”. It’s all tasteless Fisher Price makey up meat.

    1. Termagant

      has she ever brought home those beet & bean burgers by the Irish crowd? They’re savage, and I’m not usually a man for the old plants and all

      1. Mickey Twopints

        The ones Aldi sell? Delishhusssss….

        And that’s from a man who eats his steak bleu.

  4. Jeffrey

    Sausage = meat product. Find your own terminology. Thanks. This is the same for Burger by the way, it is only to be used for meat products.

    1. Slightly Bemused

      Found one:
      1. an item of food in the form of a cylindrical length of minced pork or other meat encased in a skin, typically sold raw to be grilled or fried before eating.

      Oh…. :)

      1. Jeffrey

        Indeed. I wasn’t joking, some are making moves to have those names excluded from vegan / vegetarian products as those terms are reserved for the meat industry. Lets see how many they sell then…

        1. George

          Ah give over, this doesn’t affect you at all. Regular sausage rolls continue to be available in large quantities.

  5. seanydelight

    First? Dont think so. Carrots Tail in Rathmines has’em, and they’re bleeding delish.

  6. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I think it’d the wrong tack trying to market this stuff as meaty, I just think grim
    and I love lentils etc
    just call it a tasty roll

  7. Slightly Bemused

    “what has become known as ‘meatless Monday,’ ”

    When did Meatless Monday become a thing? And is it only the last Monday of April? That would not be so bad, I guess…

  8. martco

    vegan sausage roll…oh wouldya just (rhymes with key) off

    good sausage rolls are an art in themselves to make

    sorry but there’s a limit, that’s pure gobpoopery

    1. SOQ

      Don’t knock it til you tried it eh? There all over the place now. Even subway do a very tasty vegan option

  9. SOQ

    This all started with Greggs vegan roll in the UK. They ran it as a trail and it was such a success, even they were surprised. There is a big demand for plant based foods now and I personally think it is going to keep growing.

    I doubt if the average normal sausage roll has anything more than 20% meat in it anyways and without being heavily processed, even that is the bits nobody would normally eat. If a plant based product comes in at half the price and most of the taste then it will sell. The market will decide.

    For anyone interested- meat eaters I mean, try the Beyond Meat burgers, €7 for two which is expensive but no more so than a burger made out of a half decent cut of beef. Oh and if you are allergic to Penicillin then stay the hell away from Quorn.

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