63 Candidates On 10 Key Issues


Sam Tranum, of Dublin Inquirer, reports:

Today we’re launching our voter’s guide to candidates running for the 63 seats on Dublin City Council.

Using it, you can see who’s running in your local electoral area, and what they say they’ll do – if elected – on 10 key issues, from housing to climate change, cycling to green spaces. Have a browse through and see who you want to vote for on 24 May.

In fairness.

Introducing Our Voter’s Guide to the Candidates Running for Dublin City Council (Dublin Inquirer)

12 thoughts on “63 Candidates On 10 Key Issues

  1. edalicious

    Lads, this might be a stupid question but is there a website anywhere with a list of local election candidates broken down by electoral districts? I’m getting all the usual stuff through the door and all but I’d love to just have a list of exactly who’s running so I can do my wee bit of homework on all of them.

      1. edalicious

        I didn’t mention it in my comment (thought it was obvious, given the context) but I’m looking for something similar to what the Inquirer has done here but for the rest of Ireland. Or even just the other bits of Dublin.

  2. Dhaughton99

    I’ll vote for the candidate who will light a fire under whoever is supposed to be emptying the dog poo bin along the canal at drimnagh.

  3. Andrew

    All of the candidates in my area have housing as top of their priorities. My question is, how much power to local councillors have to actually do anything? Genuine question, as I do not know.
    I believe Dublin City council for example has a good smattering of Sinn Feín, PBP etc. They may even control it, I’m not too sure about that. However, I don’t see what they are actually doing with regard housing as opposed to the neo-liberal market driven policies that FG are pursuing in govt. Maybe they can’t, do anything; I don’t know. If they can’t do anything to change things, it begs the question, what is the point of local councillors?

    1. Boj

      What is the point of a lot of stuff….what is the point in voting? NOTHING EVER CHANGES!!
      If I bring my kids up to be ‘successful’ in this country, I’m just gonna end up hating them!
      Anyone else feel like this or am I alone?

    2. Cian

      Housing is a poison chalice for a councillor. They all “want” social housing built, but they don’t actually want it built in their area.

      As far as I know, none of the councils charge the maximum LPT. Each council could decide to increase the LPT (by 5-10%) and ring-fence that extra money specifically to build new social housing.

    3. Dhaughton99

      I want public bins emptied, pot holes filled in, hedges trimmed, council workers to do their bloody job. We don’t need a “movement” to achieve this.

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