Dying On Air


From top: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar speaking in Waterford; and Mr Varadkar later speaking to Darren Skelton, of Waterford’s News and Star

Yesterday, while in Waterford, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar commented on the mortuary in University Hospital Waterford.

His comments largely mirrored a press release that went out on Monday night via the PR company Heneghan PR where former Government press secretary Eoghan O’Neachtain is director of public relations.

The press statement said there was “no evidence” to support reported claims by four pathologists about the conditions of the mortuary – following on from reports by Darren Skelton of the Waterford News and Star.

Speaking in the Granville Hotel in Waterford city yesterday, Mr Varadkar said:

“You know, I suppose I don’t know for sure what the truth is. We have a letter from a number of consultants last October, alleging that there were dead bodies on trollies decomposing, however, no evidence has been brought forward to support that. The coroner was unaware of it, the funeral homes asked were unaware of it.

“There were no incident reports from any staff and also there were no complaints from any families so it’s definitely a strange story. I don’t know if those claims are true or not but it doesn’t seem that there’s any evidence to support them.

Certainly those who made them haven’t put forward any evidence.”

Following on from this, Mr Skelton had the opportunity to interview Mr Varadkar about his comments one to one…

Darren Skelton: “Our paper [Waterford News and Star] was the paper that broke the story about the mortuary and I saw your response to it today in the Granville [Hotel]. And the response from the South/South West Hospital Group last night. Which is concerning to me because there’s four professional pathologists in the hospital who put their reputations on the line by signing that letter back in October.

“And the insinuation now seems to be from the hospital group and reiterated by yourself today that this story seems to be, in fact, untrue.”

Leo Varadkar: “Hmmm.”

Skelton: “Can I ask you, are you aware of an email that would have been sent from one of those pathologists to Gerry O’Dwyer [CEO], of the hospital group, in 2017? Was any reference made to you at all about that?”

Varadkar: “No, like, I’m not aware of any particular correspondence. So, obviously, on this particular issue, there’s a dispute about the facts between the consultants on the one side and the hospital management, the coroner, the funeral home directors and others on the other side. But the simple, basic principle that you apply in any dispute is if a person is making an assertion that they produce evidence. That’s not unreasonable.”

Skelton: Of course. And the hospital group last night said that they didn’t receive any incident report from any pathologist. But that’s untrue because, and I have seen the email, of a very detailed and quite disturbing report that was sent to Gerry O’Dwyer in January 2017.

“So by that logic, the CEO of the group saw the report, which outlined a particular incident involving somebody, a vulnerable person, and a body, that had to be brought to another part of the country because of the restrictions in the mortuary.

“The CEO of the hospital group saw that email, acknowledged it, reacted to it and then sanctioned a statement last night saying that they never received any incident report. To me, I’m not going to go as far as to say that it’s a lie but it’s certainly inaccurate and certainly I think ill-judged – to send out a statement saying they never received any incident report.”

Varadkar: “Yeah, you know, like, I haven’t seen any of this correspondence…”

Skelton: “I appreciate that…”

Varadkar: “And it would be wrong for me to, you know comment on it, but certainly the impression that was created last week was that, it was a regular, ongoing occurrence – that bodies were left on trollies, that they were decomposing and it appears now that the truth is somewhat different to that. But the most important thing…”

Skelton: “Well I don’t understand, for example, if you were in a school and there’s an issue with the school, an incident with the school – the teachers don’t get blamed, the management get blamed.

“But here we have a situation where suddenly the spotlight is put back on the pathologist who are only trying to do…I mean we have a mortuary that has the capacity for six bodies in a capacity of 520,000 people. This was acknowledged by the HSE in 2003 and here we are in 2019 and nothing has been done about it.

“Nothing has been done on this project since 2015. I’m sorry, I need to ask a question, but what I am going to ask you is: are you…”

Varadkar: “Just so there’s no doubt, I’m not blaming anyone here.”

Skelton: “Yeah.”

Varadkar: “My interest is in making sure that, you know, people get the services they should get and that people are treated with dignity whether in life or death and as regards the new mortuary, planning permission has been secured and…”

Skelton: “In 2015…”

Varadkar: “It will go out to tender…2016.”

Skelton: “It was 2015. It was December 2015 from the city council, Waterford City Council.”

Varadkar: “My understanding is 2016 but, again, let’s not have an argument over 2015/2016…”

Skleton: “I’ll just ask one question before I hand you over to Dermot [Keyes, of the Munster Express] on the next topic. I issued a Freedom of Information request to access this letter and the hospital group said it wasn’t in the public interest. Would you agree that the conditions in the mortuary are not in the public interest?”

Varadkar: “How can I? How can I answer that without knowing for sure what the facts are?”

Skelton: “But you know what the contents of the letter are? And you know…”

Varadkar: “I haven’t sent the letter.”

Skelton: “Ok, well. It was fairly…”

Varadkar: “I know the reports that I’ve seen in the newspapers on foot of it which implied that, you know, this was a regular occurrence, that there were bodies on trollies that were being left to decompose but evidence hasn’t been…”

Skelton: “If you don’t mind me saying so, I think even you’re describing ‘bodies on trollies’, there’s a certain element of flippancy to it. Because like..”

Varadkar: “Nothing flippant about it whatsoever. It’s macabre.”

Skelton: “It absolutely is. But surely you must understand that if there’s only room for six bodies in a mortuary – in a population of 520,000 – you surely have to acknowledge that, you know, maybe, it was actually happening on a regular basis.

“And people who go into a mortuary, they don’t make complaints, because they don’t know what the norm is.”

Varadkar: “Like, first of all, the facts here obviously are in dispute. And without me knowing all the facts, or you knowing all the facts, it would be incorrect to come to a judgement. I would have thought that the coroner, whose responsible for inquests, would have had something to say about it. Lots of staff go in and out of mortuaries.

“Anyone could make an incident report on it. Families regularly go in there to identify bodies and I understand that there are no complaints for family members. Funeral home directors know about these things but, you know, it’s not for me to adjudicate on…”

Varadkar handler: “So if we want to spend six minutes on a question, we won’t get through more than two questions.”

Varadkar: “What I will say is that nobody doubts that the mortuary needs to be replaced. Planning permission has been secured for it and now it’s going to go to tender. And, in the meantime, the interim solution, I understand, is being provided involving additional refrigeration.”

Skelton: “Taoiseach, I think we both know that if that news report wasn’t released last week, this would not have been escalated. And like the scoliosis thing, it just seems like nothing can get done unless it’s reported in the media…”


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18 thoughts on “Dying On Air

  1. Dr.Fart MD

    “it just seems like nothing can get done unless it’s reported in the media” very true. i made whoopie with a lady a while ago who told me her sister has multpile, insurmountable physical and mental problems and her family need support, and the HSE literally told them at one point “get on Joe Duffy” .. FG only care about how theyre perceived, if they did half as much work, doing actual fupping work, as they do tryna cover up how little work theyd do, things would be a lot better for everyone. I cannot stand their laziness and incompentence, and now theyre literally resprting to bleating FAKE NEWS as responses to being constantly called out on their failings. i hate FG, theyre ruining this country and making it very hard to live in.

  2. Dhaughton99

    When I first heard this story, I assumed there were dead bodies in hospital corridors. Is there a lot of death in waterford? 6 units doesn’t seem abnormal.

    1. Cian

      I assume 520,000 is the catchment for Waterford hospital (which seem crazy high – there are only 116K in Waterford… another 160k in Tipp, 99k in Kilkenny and 149k in Wexford – all of which have their own hospitals).

      Ireland has a death rate of 6.3 per 1,000 population (CSO 2018) so that would be about 730 deaths per year in the Waterford (116k people), or about 2 per day.

      For the full region of 520,000 people that would be about 3,300 deaths per year, or about 9 per day.

      I don’t know what percentage of deaths go through the hospital morgue [a lot of people die, and go straight to an undertakers], or how many days they would be in the morgue… but 6 units doesn’t seem unreasonable.

      1. Martin

        Youre assuming equal distribution of deaths on a national level (no variation for rural/urban, social status etc ) and also over the course of a year (the elderly in winter etc). Then theres also the unforeseen ie capacity in the event of an emergency like a plane crash, shipping disaster or whatever. Even a bad week for road accidents would choke that up. Thats before we even get to staffing issues…

        1. Cian

          Yes, I’m assuming equal distribution. Everyone dies – regardless of class/location. As for urban/rural – I’m assuming that the hospital covers both – so I’m ignoring it.
          Age profile would be more likely to affect the deaths – if there are more older people you’ll have more deaths.

          Interestingly, there is an annual variation – I can’t find Irish figures, but for most countries – the worst month in winter is about 120% average; (best month in summer 80%). So in winter there would be average 2.4 deaths/day in Waterford (1.6 deaths/day in Summer).

  3. Chris Benson

    If he did not know the “facts” why did he side with hse management. Would it not be better to check his facts first

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Facts are not Varadkar’s strong point.
      And then he tries to get away from the quest with his 6 minutes per question line. What a failure

  4. Hector Ramirez

    He didn’t know the facts, but capable of insinuating that the pathologists were wrong. He did this with the children’s hospital and BAM but they called him on it and he backed down.

  5. Vanessa (spiritually) Frilly Keane

    ‘state ah’ Paudie Coffey

    One thing tho
    This story is the best example yet of how pathetic the opposition Politicans are when this crowd are still hovering at the top of the polls

    What a load of rhymes with sock Professional Politics is in this country

  6. eoin

    Isn’t Eoghan O’Neachtain a busy bee now that he’s left politics to work in PR.

    Not only is he doing PR for the HSE as evidenced by the questionable press statement above, he’s also doing it for Enet (the telecoms company formerly owned by Broadband bidder, Granahan McCourt but sold to a fund backed by the Irish state) and Eoghan was doing PR for INM when he had what many consider to have been a deeply inappropriate conversation with the minister responsible for approving media takeovers (at a time when INM was taking over Celtic Media). And wasn’t Eoghan on the panel on #marian last Sunday.

    Busy man.

      1. Vanessa (spiritually) Frilly Keane

        No fear I’d say

        There’s plenty t’ go around

        Providing PR and Crisis Mgt
        And being communications conduits
        For this Government
        And the next one
        is a growing business

        Prompt paying Clients too

        Bates pouring tarmac for a living anyway

  7. Otis Blue

    Nice to see a dogged and committed journalist rattling Leo.

    I doubt RTE will be offering Skelton the South East Correspondent gig.

  8. Ian-O

    Last time I saw this amount of spinning from a Leo (Dicaprio), he was trying to establish whether or not he had truly woken up.

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