A ‘No Fault’ Donation


From top: Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone and Sister Marie Ryan of the Bon Secours; A copy of correspondence between the order and the Department of Children

Via Ken Foxe at Noteworthy.ie:

A copy of correspondence between the order and the Department of Children – obtained by Noteworthy under FOI – confirmed that the Bon Secours Sisters wanted to make a €2.5 million “donation” for the works that needed to be carried out at Tuam.

However, it was explicit that this was voluntary, with country leader Sister Marie Ryan writing: “Our advice is that we do not have any legal liability arising from St Mary’s Mother and Baby Home and we note that at our meeting you [Minister Zappone] agreed and acknowledged same.”

They said their donation would help to “expedite” the investigations the government wanted to do at Tuam.

Sister Ryan wrote: “This payment will be the sole contribution made by the Sisters of Bon Secours Ireland to the government in relation to the site.

Separately, an account of a meeting between the Bon Secours Sisters and Zappone describes how the order had been “genuinely shocked” by the discovery of remains of the children buried at the site.

“[They] never expected such a finding,” the notes said.

Bon Secours Says It has no ‘legal liability’ to provide funding before mother and baby home commission ends (Noteworthy)

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27 thoughts on “A ‘No Fault’ Donation

  1. Andrew

    I was physically abused by a nun for a few years when I was in national school. She’s dead now, but she really was a nasty piece of work. I don’t think it had any real long term effect on me but as far as I know she never suffered any repercussions.
    What happened to me, pales in to insignificance when you think about what happened some people, women and children mostly.
    To think that these orders and the church, are still sitting on vast swathes of land and wealth after the deal Michael Woods did, is yet another shameful and cowardly episode in this country’s history.
    We are a supine lot for accepting it.
    I don’t accept it, in my own small way, but our political representatives should hang their heads in shame with the way they have failed to deal with this.

      1. Andrew

        Thanks Janet, honestly it’s nothing compared to what others went through, so I almost feel guilty for saying anything.
        Life has been no picnic but I can’t honestly say it was down to that nun, or anything like that; more my own behaviour over the years.
        God this is getting a bit confessional! Sorry!
        I do appreciate your kind words though Janet. Thanks again.

    1. Joe Small

      I was hit by a few lay teachers in the 1980s and 1990s – I don’t think it was particularly unusual. In my experience the lay teachers were more sadistic that the nuns/brothers.

  2. Blonto

    They never expected such a finding because they thought there would be no evidence.
    Here’s 2.5 million even though we did nothing wrong. FFS.
    How about a criminal investigation of some sort.
    A trial just finished after a man’s body was found in a slurry tank on a farm. How is this any different?

      1. Dan

        And who knows if the bodies on Tuam were murdered? State and church complicit as usual.

        1. newsjustin

          No one seriously claimed that they were or put forward any evidence to that effect.

          1. Blonto

            Stop being a spanner. How do you decide if murder was commited…..through a garda investigation. That’s whats lacking here.

          2. Cian

            So you want the Guards to start an investigation into possible murders?
            Good luck providing sufficient evidence after 60 years that would put get any individual into court.

            On the other hand, if you were to send the Criminal Assets Bureau in you might gain a lot more traction.

  3. kellMA

    They were “shocked”…. FFS. FFS. I am so sick of these godangels of misery

    1. eoin

      “nuns”? No, no, these are high powered corporate executives sitting on, in Ireland alone, more than €300m of medical assets and a business with revenues of more than €0.25bn a year.

        1. realPolithicks

          “it is a custom more honored in the breach than the observance.”

          To quote the old bard himself…

          1. realPolithicks

            Hahahaha jaysus you’re gas newsy, you can find a justification for anything these people do. Well done.

    2. Vanessa (spiritually) Frilly Keane

      Nuns are merely a rank
      Or an employee grade of you like
      In the oldest
      The biggest
      And most successful
      Globalist Organisation we’ll all ever know

      View them as a corporate commercial entity
      That stops at nothing to protect and
      Enhance and grow their own interests
      And you’ll find how obvious their real purpose was all along

      Spin a few yarns about hell and damnation
      And some poor carpenter that ended up nailed to a cross who came back to live
      Pay them cash and get a bitta a wafer

      Heaven is where they’ll send you for all eternity as long as you do and believe everything they say
      Even about yourself

  4. postmanpat

    “never expected such a finding” = never expected to be caught. If Zippy made a side deal with these wagons then she need to be fired immediately. And the sisters billed half the (admittedly grossly inflated Celtic tiger 2.0 jobs for the buoys ) dig up quote. People accept (blindly in my opinion) that the Irish government has a legacy liability to get to the bottom of this. No one alive today in the country outside the church has direct knowledge of the amount of children buried in the poo, but here we are accepting reasonability for the find. the only old people alive that might have known anything is a few wrinkly toothless crones belong to the sisters dribbling drool and piss in a retirement home somewhere, waiting to die and go to hell . So… “never expected such a finding” is irrelevant . And if we were to accept that answer then , hell, we didn’t expect such finding too , so leave the bones where they are. Maybe the Irish government should hire the same solicitors the sisters are using? It will save us the 20 million bill we will get stuck with , because you know that snake zippo made some shady illegal side deal behind closed doors with these pedophiles.

    1. newsjustin

      “never expected such a finding” = never expected to be caught.”

      Just on this point. The Tuam Mother and Baby Home closed in 1961. Assuming, generously, that Sr Ryan and others in the leadership of that order in Ireland are say 70-75 That means they’d have been 11-16 years old when Tuam closed. I’m not saying it’s impossible for them to have known, or for institutional memory to survive, but what she says about it being “unexpected” is not unreasonable.

  5. darren

    The obvious overlap between a religious representative, in this case sr. marie ryan seeking to expedite the, some would say, scandalous materials, through the government’s own machine of best interests and to subsequently subsidise these interests for a non committal payment is not really much different to the process undertaken to plan out, build and then use the system for its purpose when the issue at hand was concerning a different sort of visibility and you would hope a different sort of public to us here and now. Today it seems the issue for religious orders is simply, and more than anything else, a matter of bad press. We can be thankful that such things are even possible. That the actions of lone investigators and independent journalists show themselves regularly to be the first point of contact with the dealings behind and goings on in the name of the people and their collective pursuit for justice is a mark of what bad press really means. From media to government, religious orders to popular belief, the whole twisted thing stinks and we can have no reason to expect anything else and still it is that people will walk in the doors of churches and have christ enter the family through ceremonial tributes as a socially ritualised weekend activity. Only a bitch of the highest order would try to speed up the time needed to overcome the understandable shock felt when contemplating such horrific practices as have been revealed consistently around this subject and since long before this letter was written and the two point five millions earmarked as ‘temporary expenditure relating to previous crimes’ plus whatever it cost to establish the order’s legal obligation and responsibility for said crimes. Two and a half million wont buy silence but it seems to have bought favourable conditions for our wider pubic obedience. Who knew?

  6. Dan

    If you come here you’ll find no mass grave, no evidence that children were ever so buried and a local police force casting their eyes to heaven and saying, ‘Yeah a few bones were found – but this was an area where famine victims were buried. So?

    And this liar still gets paid a fortune for work for FG.
    Theres the real crime

  7. johnny

    -my type sister’s,Sister of the Valley-trailer for upcoming doc on the infamous “Cannabis Nuns”.
    “Cheated by her stealing, polygamist husband of 17 years, once high-flying corporate exec Christine Meeusen fled penniless with her three young children as her American dream began to unravel. Determined to make a living for her family, she discovered the lucrative business of cannabis farming and met her calling as founder of medicinal-marijuana empire Sisters of the Valley. Shedding her former life, Christine became Sister Kate; on a mission to provide her products to those in need. ”

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