Face Redacted


Full page ad in today’s newspapers from NewsBrands Ireland

In a statement, the Chairman of NewsBrands Ireland said “NewsBrands Ireland along with many other organisations, made submissions to the Department of Justice in January 2017.

“To date, the review has not been completed,” Vincent Crowley said. He called on the Department to complete it “as a matter of urgency”.

“At a time when democratic values are being threatened and undermined throughout the world, it’s in the best interest of democracy that our defamation laws are updated,” he added.

Calls for urgent reformation of Irish defamation laws (RTÉ)

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7 thoughts on “Face Redacted

  1. baz

    the image is dripping with inverted snobbery , the cultural Marxist mob that have taken over Irish media claim they want loose laws to go after the ‘fat cats’ and such. That is merely the starting point.

  2. David O'Connell

    Is the photo your man from the irish apprentice. forgotten his name. he used to get up at 5am to sell apples and thinks young people are mollycoddled

  3. eoin

    Restrict libel to cases where there is serious damage to reputation (no more, “they said I was in a gang, your honour”), cap damages at personal injury levels and do away with jury hearings (for what are civil cases). Leo was supposed to have undertaken a review of our libel laws. When will he reveal that expensive report to us? You’d think the political eunuchs in Fianna Fail would be banging on Leo’s door about it, what with “media freedom” being one of their top 2 reasons to elect a FFer MEP.

    1. baz

      how do you end up with a million from publishing newspapers?

      start with a billion.

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