Ukiyo-e Avengers


The work of japanese illustrator and Marvel fanboy Takumi – sundry Avengers rendered in traditional Ukiyo-e style, complete with their own kanji name and costume design. To wit:

Thor is pronounced tooru in Japanese, so he assigned the Japanese equivalent, which is (とる). Thanos’ 6 infinity stones served as the inspiration behind that name, which references the 6 realms of Buddhism.The patterns on each of the characters clothing are traditional Japanese designs and each references certain traits of the characters. Captain America’s pants use the shippo (七宝) pattern of layered circles, which references the shape of his shield. Thor’s pattern is pretty straightforward: the traditional cloud () pattern. Iron Man uses the complex bishamon kikko (毘沙門亀甲) pattern, which mimics the look of a circuit board.


4 thoughts on “Ukiyo-e Avengers

  1. Slightly Bemused

    I like the distinction between WarMachine and Iron Man. WarMachine basically has one big gun, while Iron Man has lots of little effective lethal toys.

    (from IMDB)
    Iron Man: You have *a* big gun, you’re not *the* big gun.
    Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes: Tony, don’t be jealous.
    Iron Man: No, it’s subtle, all the bells and whistles.
    Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes: Yeah, it’s called “being a badass”!

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