A Limerick A Day


RTÉ Radio One’s Joe Duffy asked to pull a promotional ad from Liveline describing it as ‘atrocious’

Choose Radio have made an ad
Where a chap sees his in-law’s old lad
And the host of Liveline
Thinks that it’s far from fine
It’s so graphic it makes him quite mad

John Moynes


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8 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. martco

    ad’s these days are mostly meh, have heard that one & its very tame

    no. 1 best ad ever…Shake n Vac!

    no. 1 worst ad ever ever was that really annoying UPC one from a couple of years back where this hipster busker wan butchers Crystal Fighters “Plage” whilst dude on skootr does something or other, GAH!

    (not that I even like Crystal Fighters but it was headwrecking)…I wont watch it but if you dare:


  2. George

    Ad is crap. “He bends over and you see everything”. Whoever wrote this obviously has never seen a naked man.

  3. Dav

    Fair play to the man, he’s got all the old foogies lined up today to phone in with their complaints about it

  4. Ian-O

    In any other country, Joe Duffy would be the self pleasurer in the toll booth taking too long to open the barrier.

    In Ireland, he is minted.

    The token working class dub.

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