Swayze For You



You asking?

I’m asking.

I’m dancing.

Nicole Osborne writes:

On May 21 at 6.30pm ODEON Cinemas and Pigsback.com will present Dirty Dancing (1987) the cult classic that captivated cinema audiences just over 30 years ago!

For just €15 for a ticket (including popcorn, a drink and tub of ice cream), fans will be able to relive the classic performances from Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey at participating ODEON Cinemas.

Tickets [at link below] are limited and can be used at Blanchardstown, Coolock, Stillorgan, Point Square, Charlestown, Naas, Newbridge, Castleroy, Waterford.

We have a PAIR (yes, two) tickets to giveaway to a Broadsheet reader.

To enter, just complete this sentence:

“The most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is…………..’

Lines MUST close at 2.45pm EXTENDED until 5.15pm MIDNIGHT!

Dirty Dancing tickets here


22 thoughts on “Swayze For You

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    The most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is the abortion. So much sexual health education for Catholic Ireland’s 1980s youth all in one film!

  2. postmanpat

    The question should have been “The ONLY memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is…………..’ Answer: Patrick Swayze lifting Jennifer Grey up during that song at the end. Because the rest of that movie was ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  3. edalicious

    The most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is SPECIFICALLY the the little hip thrusts he does after jumping off the stage in the big finale. No other man on the planet could do that without looking like a massive perv. Believe me, I’ve tried…

  4. Jonboy

    The most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is………….. Obviously it’s the scene where they dance to Love Is Strange (How do you call your lover boy? Come here, lover boy!). Apparently it was an unscripted warm-up where they were just fooling around, pretending to flirt, and the director liked it so much he kept it in.

    1. postmanpat

      Then in the remake they did the scene again with the heavy set gal and the guy they got instead of Zac Efron.

  5. scooperman

    The most memorable scene from dirty dancing was the sister singing that weird hula song

  6. burger1979

    The most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is the black credits scene (s)…

  7. Janet, I ate my avatar

    I remember thinking why can’t you close your mouth while chewing gum

  8. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    The most memorable scene in Dirty Dancing is when Patrick Swayze rips that guys larynx out with his bare hands. Fupping awesome

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