Murphy’s Bla


Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy

This afternoon on RTÉ Radio One’s News At One.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy was interviewed by reporter Louise Byrne about the latest quarterly report which shows just 2,700 properties were available to rent nationwide on the website on May 1, while the average rent nationwide is €1,366.

Mr Murphy told Ms Byrne rent inflation is low.

The report did refer to the national annual rate of inflation at 8.3%, in the first quarter of 2019, being the lowest in five years as a “crumb of comfort” in the report.

Ms Byrne put it to Mr Murphy: “Are rent increases of 6.8% in Dublin year-on-year slow?

He said:

“It’s the slowest rate of increase that we’ve seen since 2013. We know that rents have run away in the capital because of the lack of the supply that we have had with homes to buy and homes to rent.

“And that’s why with Rebuilding Ireland, we’re dramatically increasing the number of homes to buy, but we’re also bringing in these reforms to protect renters which is so important. We know we have more work to do.

“We’re halfway through Rebuilding Ireland but it is showing signs of progress in some key areas like supply. But there’s more to do and that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing over the rest of the year.”

Asked when 80,000 homes will be built in Dublin – given that this is the figure claims is required and only 18,000 were built across the country last year, Mr Murphy said:

“What we saw last year was the 25% increase in the number of homes built over the previous year, it’s going to increase again this year. Each year, under our plans we’re committing more money to building more homes for social and affordable housing, we’re also seeing on the private side more housing being built as well.

“The key thing we need to see in places like Dublin is more apartments, but it’s not just Dublin where we need to see more apartments being built, it’s in each of the cities in the large towns that we have in the country. And that’s why we talk about our vision beyond Rebuilding Ireland.

“We’re talking about growing the population outside of Dublin, taking the pressure off Dublin, not just for homes but for jobs as well.”

Mr Murphy also told Ms Byrne that the rent caps “that have been working” have been extended to 2021 “at the earliest”.

Listen back in full here

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13 thoughts on “Murphy’s Bla

    1. Anomanomanom

      Dublin does not need more apartments. Jesus Christ wtf is wrong with theses people, there is an abundance of land to build actual homes. Where people actual have a community and get to know their neighbours. This does not happen in apartment blocks. I wonder how many of these apartment complexes will be built in the plush areas of dublin.

      1. Cian

        I disagree. We do need more housing – and a mix of apartment, 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed houses. All beside each other. There is a problem where we have lots of older couples (and widows) living in 4-bed houses in large estates that want to downsize – they want to stay locally, but there is nothing suitable. The more mix the better.

        There are masses of apartments going in in the “plush” areas of Dublin.(let me know what you consider plush – and we’ll find some apartments for you!)

  1. Roger1

    And we are led to believe in a whole country of 5 million there is only 2500 vacant houses or appartments
    Seems to me pork pies fly with bunnies boy

  2. Billy

    if only we had decent broadband outside Dublin. everyone would live on the bog then

    1. italia'90

      As me ould Grandpappy, The Tinker italia’34 (reared on rotten prataís on a ditch in Ballinasloe) yous to say;
      “why wait to make a rich Maltese oligarch in Dublin even richer, when we can surf the world wide thingeemeebobeemeeyoke and get the whole parish connected to 100Mbps broadband for the price of a good Sunday mass collection.”
      One Easter Sunday, he snook up onto the pulpit, before the parish priest had put the altar boys cassocks back on them, and excitedly told the gathering about the point to multi-point(P2MP) he had witnessed near Leopardstown only the day before. But alas, he was mocked and jeered by the most devout amongst them. They mistakenly believed he was going on about the horses as usual.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    You can hear the rustling of his instructions. Any more interviews today will be word for word bull

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